Black Kryptonite Dynasty - 1 Orphan - 2nd Year - 16 Teams - 1 Copy - PPR -1QB - TE Premium - Full IDP - $100 Buy In

Are you a commissioner looking for dedicated coaches or a coach looking for a serious league? Advertise your desires here.
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Black Kryptonite Dynasty - 1 Orphan - 2nd Year - 16 Teams - 1 Copy - PPR -1QB - TE Premium - Full IDP - $100 Buy In

Postby LeeConn » Fri Apr 12, 2024 4:23 am

Black Kryptonite Dynasty - 1 Orphan - 2nd Year - 16 Teams - 1 Copy - PPR -1QB - TE Premium - Full IDP - $100 Buy In

Year 1 was a smashing success with 15 of 16 teams returning. We lost 1 team for non-payment but he drafted a quality team. BK's free agent and rookie draft start in late June - early July. This league runs year round however the free agent and rookie draft will kick off around that time every year. BK is designed to operate drafts later in the summer than most leagues providing league function in the down time (June & July). You can focus on other league's free agency and drafts in March/April/May then turn your thoughts to BK for the summer. Make no mistake this is year round fantasy football as these owners are engaged. We just draft later in the year than most.

Black Kryptonite Definition:

A form of refined Kryptonite that can split Kryptonians into two separate beings, made up of that person's good side and his or her evil side.

Couldn’t think of anything more perfect than that

This is a sister league to Bizarro NFL which is going on it’s 7th year. Black Kryptonite is the Dynasty format to Bizarro’s salary cap style.

We do the NFC - 16 teams.

We choose 16 teams to avoid having a playoff bye in week 14 that 32 team leagues encounter

Available Team:

49ers have the 2nd pick in the draft and have all of their picks for 24,25 &26

Black Kryptonite Website

Black Kryptonite Bylaws ... eskloz2oz4

Black Kryptonite Scoring Spreadsheet ... edit#gid=0

$100 Buy In
$100 Insurance Bond

I'm looking for the following in an owner.
-Dedicated to fantasy.
-Willing to read the bylaws and adhere to the basic owner requirements.
-Be competitive, if not you will get heckled in slack, with good humor and league love, but heckled non the less.
-Up to the challenge of fielding an entire defensive lineup (11 players).

Overview of league:

In Season Roster: 51 Players
Off Season Roster: 61 Players
No Taxi Squad

Starting Line Ups

Total Offensive Starters: 9
QB: 1
RB: 1
WR: 3
TE: 1
PK: 1

Total Defensive Starters (11)
Choose from several formations

Progressive Domination Pot.

Scoring is scaled, almost no position in this league can be overlooked.

Big play defense - IDP players matter just as much as offensive players.

We use Slack to communicate.

The league runs year round, if you read the bylaws that will be clear. Interested parties please email me with questions.

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