Need 1 owners for 3 team dispersal. FREE FOR 2024, $100 C2C IDP SF BEST BALL POINTS ONLY PPR TEP

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Need 1 owners for 3 team dispersal. FREE FOR 2024, $100 C2C IDP SF BEST BALL POINTS ONLY PPR TEP

Postby itsmejoshc » Thu Apr 11, 2024 6:08 pm

I have 1 opening left for a 3 team dispersal in a $100 12-team IDP PPR C2C Dynasty league. We are looking for 1 active owner in it for the long haul! You will play 2024 for free, but have to pre-pay 2025 like the rest of the league as we're always paid 1 year in advance.

This is a Best Ball Total Points Only IDP Superflex PPR TEP Dynasty C2C with NFL rookie and CFB drafts. Each week, your best scoring lineup is automatically selected after the games have been played. Weekly points are added up and the top 5 teams with the most points at the end of the season wins.
We're heading into the 3rd season and 3 owners left. We found 2 and need 1 more - you!

Make sure to read full bylaws before joining: ... 37778&O=26
Must be aware of the scoring system: ... 37778&O=09

NFL Rosters & Fantrax CFB Rosters to do a 3 person dispersal draft: ... sp=sharing

HIGHLIGHTS:- Balanced scoring for IDP and offensive players (we're voting in offseason to adjust CFB DB IDP scoring)
- DT required- Top 5 Paid in each CFB & NFL
- CFB specific prizes for owning end of year real-life position award winners (get paid for scouting top talents)
- 6 round NFL rookie draft
- Trading allowed between CFB & NFL teams (cash, picks, and/or players)
- 16 NFL Taxi Squad spots
- GroupMe usage required

A "C2C” (Campus To Canton) means you have 2 teams in the league, a college fantasy team and an NFL fantasy team. You compete in both a college fantasy (Fantrax) and NFL fantasy (MFL) leagues, with the ultimate objective of winning both sides of the league in any respective year. Each league manager’s college roster serves as a pipeline to their respective NFL fantasy roster.

Please let me know if you'd like to join, or have questions,

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