What to do with 1.02?

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What to do with 1.02?

Postby Ryan391 » Wed Mar 06, 2024 9:55 am

I have the 1.02 and 1.06.

8-team SF 2RB/2WR/3Flex
QBs: Richardson, T Law, Levis, Rodgers, Geno
RBs: Hall, Taylor, Monty, Brian Rob, Pollard, Mixon + others
WRs: Olave, Metcalf, London, Rice, Mclauglin, Godwin, D Johnson, Kirk + Others
TEs: Goedert, Schultz

I'm planning on Bowers at 1.06. For 1.02 would you go Caleb Williams or Nabers?
I feel like I have great depth, but not of ton of elite players.

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Re: What to do with 1.02?

Postby Buckhill Bombers » Wed Apr 10, 2024 8:00 am

with your roster I'd probably go WR at 1.2

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Re: What to do with 1.02?

Postby FantasyFreak » Wed Apr 10, 2024 7:43 pm

Being 8 team SF, I think the value is at WR. Prospect profiles are just better. 8 team SF is closer to 1 QB really, so go with the best prospect. Nabers or MHJ, whoever you like more.
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Re: What to do with 1.02?

Postby TheTroll » Thu Apr 11, 2024 3:01 am

WR for sure!
Team 1
Dynasty 10 team, 22 roster + 6 Taxi, PPR
1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE, K, Def

QB: Love, Goff, Fields
RB: Bijan, Montgomery, Kamara, Ford, K Herbert, Zeke, Mattison
WR: Jefferson, Olave, London, Ridley, Sutton, Shaheed
TE: Kincaid, Kittle, Freiermuth
K: Tucker, Sanders

Taxi: Charbs, K Mitchell, Demercado, QJ, D Douglas, W Robinson, Hooker

2024: 1.03, 3.06, 3.09, 4.09
2025: 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5
2026: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Team 2
Dynasty 10 team, 22 man roster + 6 Taxi, PPR, SF and TEP
1QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 S Flex

QB: Allen, Goff, Watson, Jones
RB: K Williams, B Robinson, Chubb, Ford, Mostert, A Gibson, Dillon, Pierce, Zeke
WR: Olave, T Hill, Addison, D Adams, C Watson, D Johnson, G Davis, OBJ
TE: Kincaid, Kmet, Goedert

Taxi: Mitchell, DTR, Mims, K Miller, Douglas, Vaughn

2024: 1.08, 3.02, 3.09
2025: 1, 3, 4, 5
2026: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Re: What to do with 1.02?

Postby wickerkat1212 » Thu Apr 11, 2024 8:52 am

Nabers and Bowers.
QB—Allen, JJM RB—Gibbs, Kamara, Jacobs, LLOYD, Zamir, Edwards, Ford, Warren, McLaughlin WR—MHJ, Lamb, Olave, DJM, Shaheed, RICE, VJefferson TE—Engram, Muth, Washington, Kraft, THEO PK—Prater DEF—BAL

QB—TLaw, JimmyG, Tannehill, AOC, Hall RB—Bijan, Kamara, Conner, BENSON, Gainwell, Gainwell, Foreman, ZMoss, Chandler, McLaughlin WR—Jefferson, Hill, Adams, Allen, POLK, CORLEY, COWING, Tillman, Woods TE—Kelce, Kmet, TJOHNSON, Conklin PK—Butker DEF—PIT

Superflex 1:
QB—Mahomes, Rodgers, Mayfield, RATTLER RB—Bijan, Kamara, Allgeier, Mostert, BRob, ESTIME WR—Chase, DJM, Devonta, MBrown, Lockett, Myers, COWING, MWASHINGTON TE—Kmet, Kraft, SANDERS, Conklin, Hurst PK—Elliott DEF—PHI

Superflex 2:
QB: MAYE, Goff, Cousins, PENIX RB: Bijan, BRob, Zamir, Allgeier, McLaughlin, Hull WR: HARRISON, DJM, Higgins, JSN, BTHOMAS, Downs, RMoore, Atwell, COWING, Reynolds TE: Ferguson, Kraft, Hurst, WILEY, Trautman, Tremble, Dissly, Reiman

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Re: What to do with 1.02?

Postby killer_of_giants » Thu Apr 18, 2024 2:45 am

nabers at 1.02, don't like bowers at 6 all that much. odunze is probably gone by then, maybe daniels for the upside, or one of he second tier WRs.

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