2019 Superflex Dynasty Startup - AUCTION DRAFT RESULTS (Half-PPR, 12-team)

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2019 Superflex Dynasty Startup - AUCTION DRAFT RESULTS (Half-PPR, 12-team)

Postby Lord_Varys » Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:19 am

I recently completed an auction startup draft. I had googled "Superflex Dynasty Auction Values" to try and prepare, and came up very short on results, so I wanted to share mine with some communities as a reference point for folks.

Note, there's two tabs here. One has prices for everyone in the top 200. The other has draft results by team. I failed to completely capture ALL of the teams when we were getting toward the end, but the blank cells are just fringe depth, so whatever.

One more note: we neutered QB scoring just a tad. 3 pts per pass TD, and 10 in completions takes a point (or two, I can't remember) away. Doesn't have a huge impact, but it's there.

One last note: this is a Devy league, and we already had our devy draft. So some teams have guys like Swift, Jeudy, Lawrence, etc. already waiting in the wings, which may have swayed their draft decisions here. I can tell you that Team 2 has Akers, Dobbins, and Sermon coming next year, so I think he was fine to draft less depth here this year.

But anyways... Here are the results:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

Would be interested to get everyone's thoughts on values, and on which teams they like. (Personally, I believe the studs went for way too much).

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