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The DLF Discord Server

Postby dlf_kenm » Mon Aug 29, 2022 1:16 pm

Community has always been our foundation here at Dynasty League Football. DLF began in 2006 with the DLF Forum, the oldest and still most active dynasty fantasy football community in the industry. The DFL Forum has survived and flourished for over 15 years, and remains an amazing resource to this day. But as times and technology have changed in the intervening years, it's become clear that there is plenty of room to add another resource for the DLF dynasty community to connect. The DLF Discord Server is that new resource! Discord provides a modern, flexible, mobile-friendly platform for sharing messages, content and interacting with the DLF Team.

What is Discord?
If you are not already familiar with Discord, it is a FREE text, voice and video discussion app that is used by tens of millions of people to hang out with friends and shared-interest communities. It can be accessed over the web, but is most commonly (and effectively) used as a desktop and mobile app. If you have never used discord before, signing up for an account is easy, and free. And from a Discord app you can connect to not only the DLF Discord server, but a variety of other servers as well. So if you are new to Discord, just start here to join and download.

Join the DLF Discord Server
Once you have a discord account, and ideally have downloaded the desktop and/or mobile app, simply hit the link below to find and join the DLF Discord Server. Your account will be activated shortly, and you'll have full access to all of the current resources. Eventually, we will have some discussion channels available only to premium subscribers, but for now, everything is wide open and completely free!

Click here to join the DLF Discord Server

To be SUPER CLEAR, the Discord server is NOT replacing the DLF Forum. This simply offers our audience another way to connect and communicate. The Forum is going nowhere.

Best of luck to everyone with their fantasy teams this season!

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