What's your story?

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Re: What's your story?

Postby Valhalla74 » Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:38 am

Hey all;

I'm new to the dynasty format, but it's always intrigued me. I've played fantasy football off and on with varying types of leagues since 1996. I'll be in 3 this year, including the dynasty league. I took over an abandoned team and am just trying to learn the ropes. I'm committing to this team as long as I play FF and I know it's a long process to watch your drafted players mature, the middle round picks anyways....It's really fun watching rookie highlights, checking on their "stats" and I hope this will spawn my love of college football, because I don't care for it now lol. I joined this site because I wanted news with a forum. People usually have the best input and I love reading posts. I joined another site too but the website is skunky af and I won't be back there next year...I won't mention the name...

Side note - I went to the NDSU / Iowa game in Iowa last fall part of a fan convoy and seen George Kittle live. I thought in that game that he was NFL worthy. Who the hell knows how he'll fit in SF, but he had a nice sideline streaking play in that game that stood out. He was a man among boys in that game.

Great to be aboard.

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Re: What's your story?

Postby Mefisto » Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:14 pm

Hi, I'm Jakub. Can't believe I just saw this. Been here for a few years. Always read, rarely comment. Been playing fantasy football since 2005. My first foray into fantasy ever was team 1 below with local friends from the comic book store I worked at in high school. Still have yet to win a title with her but she's my baby. I'm a much better redrafter than dynasty player and a horrible trader in all fantasy.

About me? 31. Chicagoan born and raised and a fan of all my home teams. An introverted extrovert... or vice versa. Floated my way through life, through various jobs and fields before ending up as an attorney. Good at most everything except love (and dynasty apparently). Lover of insobriety. Avid gamer of all sorts (card, board, video, sport) and lover of sci fi/fantasy anything. Favorite sport is the real futbol, though football is a close second followed by hockey. Love dogs that aren't puntable. Addicted to lime popsicles. You wouldn't guess my middle name if you tried 1000 times.
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Re: What's your story?

Postby Jintsfan66 » Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:26 am

Hey guys, back after a little hiatus due to some health issues but ready to rock. Been on this site for 5-6 years as a member albeit not a very active one. I would like to change this in 2017. I have been playing FF for 25 years or so and have done fairly well at it in the past. It is a release for me from all the ongoing daily grind.

As my screen name says, I am a die hard Giants fan and live in the wonderful state of NJ, SMH...I enjoy reading some of the long timers on here posts. Very informative stuff and I hope to be a more active participant
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Rookie - Sermon, T.Marshall, Palmer

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Re: What's your story?

Postby Quint » Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:32 pm

Just joined DLF today. Glad I found it. I was looking for a place to share thoughts and issues with other Dynasty commissioner's and players, as well as meet some folks who might want to be on my Dynasty League wait list.

I was born and raised a Seahawks fan, living in Oregon. I've played fantasy sports for 22 years and I love it. Currently, I'm in 4 active NFL leagues, one is a Dynasty going into it's 16th season! One league is a Dynasty league that I commish, going into it's 5th season. While I don't love being a commish, I wanted to create a league that was not only extremely competitive but also similar to the NFL. I loved getting my scoring and settings just right and I believe all the owners really do enjoy the structure. I just want the most competitive and active league that one can have.

Again, glad to be here and excited to meet some fellow Dynasty junkies!

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Re: What's your story?

Postby gunzwil guinea pigs » Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:56 am

Hi guys, Im a newbie - just joined DLF today :)

I'm form Switzerland and discovered american football and fantasy just 2 years ago. We have a lot of sports in Europe but believe me, nothing like this... Addicted from the first day on - and I'm still today. I just started my first dynasty this year, with some friends. Even though im quite unexperienced, I'd love to discuss any fantasy matters with you guys - and if you have some question about me, switzerland, europe or something else (I love politics by the way) send me a massage ;)

Have a good day guys!
Cheers Mat

(aaand sorry for my english, Im working on it) ;)
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Re: What's your story?

Postby aticodejon » Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:29 am

Well, well, two foreign noobs in a row! I'm from Spain and have pretty much the same experience as gunzwil above. Two years ago I put together some disparate friends and coworkers I found to be interested in football, just out of curiosity and to please one of them whose father is from Pittsburgh. I knew nothing at all about football or fantasy leagues, but we formed what this year has turned into my first dynasty. I don't even have a favorite team, but I do get probably too attached to certain players... anyway I'm totally hooked on this stuff and very eager to learn from all of you guys, and I hope to contribute what little I can.
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Re: What's your story?

Postby joeylitz » Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:55 am

Hey everyone,

This used to be my thing. If you ever used to be on the FF Cafe, I was on that all the time and eventually became a writer and a mod for them. But then the owner sold the site and the place went defunct years ago.
I rarely got on forums since about 2010 (life, family, etc.) but I joined a dynasty league six years ago and every now and then would come here to learn how to play.

I finally won the league last year and still have a competitive team. So i came here on Sunday, asked a couple questions, and Coogan Football PM'ed me with a canned message asking me to stick around. Well, I guess that was enough for me because here I am.

Anyway, I love the NFL and like many of you Sundays are made for football. Having grown up in Philly I love the Eagles, and taught my kids to say Dallas stinks by the time they were 3.
We moved to Alabama this year and while I never watched college football as a kid, I am learning very quickly to shout Roll Tide whenever I hear it I in the Wal-Mart. Gotta make friends somehow.

Well, thanks for having me. If I'm still regularly posting around here by mid-season maybe I could perform some odd jobs or something

- Litz
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2.08: JAWS

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Re: What's your story?

Postby metalmat » Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:57 pm

Saints fan living in Texas. I've been playing FF since 2006, really did not pay much attention to my leagues until 2010 ( yeah I was a "Taco" for a while). I've been in a 3 keeper league for a while but this is my first season in a dynasty league so I am still figuring things out in that regard.
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Re: What's your story?

Postby ellenconnel » Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:22 am

I would like to say a true fantasy sports lover thats all about me.

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Re: What's your story?

Postby designguy79 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:58 pm

Hey all -- glad to have found this forum!

I've been playing FF for 10 years with a group of friends. Switched from re-draft to "mini-keeper" (max 3) last year, with their draft position being locked in. Brought home the championship twice now, including last year. And I was super pumped because I was able to hold onto DJ (no way he falls to last pick in round 1), and Freeman drafted in round 3 and Coleman in round 13 looked like amazing value. With DJ getting knocked out, I was afraid my season was lost before it began, but I have battled back to 7-3 record with Kamara and DeShaun Watson (another sad story, eh?).

Enough about that league... the reason I joined this forum was for a brand new Dynasty league I joined a few weeks ago. Inherited a team online, so I've been researching and scheming for dominating that league in the near future. :-D In all seriousness, though, it is a completely new challenge and I'm feeling myself really getting sucked in.

I also inherited another team online, not full dynasty but 5 keepers and pretty shallow benches, so new hurdles on that front too!

Good luck to all and I look forward to bouncing ideas back and forth with y'all.

Edit: oh, and some personal hobbies, as if anyone cares... basketball, chess, photography and MSU Spartans. Go Green!
1/2 PPR, 12 team H2H, inherited team mid-2017 season. League est. 2013. 3 round rookie draft
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Re: What's your story?

Postby Nathan28 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:07 pm

I've been a commissioner of 3 dynasty leagues for 3 years, been playing fantasy for about 7or 8 years. Huge Falcons fan. I'm a college student at Kennesaw State (majoring in Sports Management) and live right outside of Atlanta. My favorite players include Marshawn, Ajayi, Hyde, Evan Engram, Carr, and Julio. Hoping to win in two of my leagues this year, and draft Barkley or Guice i the other league. I've been a Falcons season ticket holder in the past, and watched them completely melt down in front of me at the Super Bowl in Houston last year...
I usually get league replacements from the DLF forums, so Spring and Summer is when you'll find me here the most often. I love playing in 3 dynasty leagues, but might join or start a 4th sometime in the future.

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Re: What's your story?

Postby TheWaiverWire » Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:12 pm

Somewhat seasoned fantasy player here, been doing dynasty leagues for about three years now, huge Dallas fan, but also probably the most realistic one you will meet. Looking forward to picking up some new tips and sharpening my skills 👌🏻
MFL Dynasty/Salary League
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P- Chris Jones
K- Harrison Butker
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Re: What's your story?

Postby csweet1980 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:56 am

Hey all,

I have been playing Fantasy Football for almost 20 years. I am in 1 Dynasty League and 4 Leagues total. I joined my Dynasty League in 2010 and it is my favorite League and format. I just joined DLF during the Black Friday special after lurking for years, listening to their podcasts, doing adp mocks and using their rankings when they were still free. I'm a huge fan of everything fantasy Football and try to take in as much information as I can. I really enjoy historical fantasy info and looking for trends of the past that will soon repeat. I don't use draft pedigree as a big factor in trading or picking up players. I write a Fantasy column for a friends website and appear on his radio show in Austin, TX weekly on Tuesdays. I myself grew up in California as a San Diego Chargers fan. While I'm not happy that they are now in LA I am sticking with them. My family moved to Maryland in 1995 where I still reside today with my wife and 2 year old girl.

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Re: What's your story?

Postby ChickenBeaks » Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:22 pm

Just like many of you, I did the redraft thing for far too long. Got into Dynasty 5 years ago and the first year had no clue how to value players in comparison to draft picks. That changed quite quickly as I got it handed to me several times. Since then, I have made some great progress going from 12th to this year finishing 2nd. A lot of solid drat picks, a couple big wins on trades and a lot of 'depth' draft picks ha ha ha. I wouldn't play redraft again if you paid me to! I have always had an affinity for defensive players and out 47 man rosters are perfect for me. I have widdled out all of the baloney leagues where people don't pay on time, follow roster rules, etc. I have only ONE league and I love it. Put your best guys out there and deal with the results.
I greatly appreciate all of the sage advice thrown my way in the last few years and I hope I have helped out a few here and there also!
Good luck to you all! (except if I'm playing you in the playoffs and I've got 9 in IR again........) :D
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W- Hopkins, Cooper, Cobb, Moncrief, Martavis, R.Anderson, TreQuan, J'Mon
T- Kelce, H.Henry, Burton
K- CButker
DT- F. Cox, K. Clark
DE- F. Clark, B. Graham, Golden, Irvin, Takk, C.Harris
LB- J.Houston, Barr, Kerrigan, Judon, B. Martinez
C- Trufant, J. Mills, Tre'Davious
S- Ha-Ha, K. Joseph, Addae, J.Jones

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W-Hilton, P.Richardson, Hurns, Kearse, Gallup, J'Mon, St. Brown, Stuff
TE-OJ, Jonnu, Watson, Stuff
D-Irving, Reader, Hand
DE-Beasley, Barnett, Dunlap, Hughes, Golden
LB-Bradham, L.Floyd, Hitchens, Longacre, A.Williamson
DB-Lattimore, MCCourty, Mitchell, D.Johnson, Trufant, Jaire
S-Derwin,M.Williams, Hooker, Harrison, Reid, Weddle, Berry

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Re: What's your story?

Postby Rasorin » Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:17 pm

Been playing FF for close to 20 years but just joined a dynasty league 3 years ago. Now an addict. Live in Minneapolis with wife and child. Also, into tlbass fishing via canoe, pool league and music concerts. Been close to 300 or so shows.

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