Quick takes on players (Gurley, Tyreek, Wentz, Antonio, Ertz, Drake)

This is the spot for player-to-player comparisons.
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Quick takes on players (Gurley, Tyreek, Wentz, Antonio, Ertz, Drake)

Postby DYNASTY BALLA$ » Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:53 am

Rather than starting multiple threads, I thought I'd just ask you all for your summarized thoughts on each of the following players:

TODD GURLEY -- how much will the Rams limit his reps/practice/etc and how will that affect his overall performance this year compared to what we are used to seeing from him?

TYREEK HILL -- it is now clear the DA will not be charging him with child abuse. That said, do you think he will be suspended by Goodell? If so how many games? How does that affect his dynasty value in your opinon

CARSON WENTZ -- will he return to his 2017 MVP caliber form this year? What do you expect from Wentz and how do you perceive his value compared to the "expert rankings" ?

ANTONIO BROWN -- will he take a huge fall off the cliff this year now that he's a Raider, or will Antonio continue to put up top 1-3 WR numbers overall?

ZACK ERTZ -- will he have another monster season in 2019, or will his action be siphoned off to Goedert/Djax/Sanders/other additions the Eagles made?

KENYAN DRAKE -- will Brian Flores actually utilize this explosive player's talents and keep him on the field, or make the same bone-head mistake moron-Adam Gase did and limit his action? (I believe Drake was a top 15 RB in PPR leagues with only a little over 100 carries/50+ receptions which was amazing)

My thoughts..

GURLEY: will have limited reps in practice, will see the field less during games but will still play the majority of the time and should retain 75-85% of his value. End result.. his numbers will look more like Zeke's than they have his own the past two years. I'm still buying Gurley if I can get him for cheap

TYREEK: will most likely receive an 8-10 game suspension at most. I don't see Goodell suspending him a year, when AP got a year for whipping his kid and there were photos to prove it. No proof of abuse by Hill = mild to medium suspension at most. I'm buying Hill if I can get him for cheap (one future 1st or less) and just took him 6.09 overall in a start up draft.

WENTZ: I think he comes back strong in 2019 with his new deep threat (DJax), a second year Goedert and a potential bell cow RB in Sanders. I expect Wentz to finish in the top 4 QB rankings this year which may be a stretch, but if anyone is capable its him (as much as I hate to say it being a Cowboy fan). I'm buying Wentz now as his value should only rise once the season starts

ANTONIO: I think Antonio takes a significant fall in the rankings, maybe as low as top 12 WR but not much below that. He's still one of (if not the) best WR in the league. However, he's getting a major downgrade at QB as well as supporting cast around him. I'm selling him if I can get a decent value for him, as I honestly feel AB's best days are far behind him

DRAKE: I think Brian Flores will make Drake a top 10 RB this year. I expect he could be used more as a "James White 2.0" type of player. I'm buying him wherever I can for cheap, but not breaking the bank for him.

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Re: Quick takes on players (Gurley, Tyreek, Wentz, Antonio, Ertz, Drake)

Postby Gator Sens » Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:54 pm

I will go from a straight dynasty view:

Gurley - He is a gamble either way. Selling low or keeping him. I still think he will get plenty of looks around the goal line but I did not like the report from the Rams stating: "his days as a work horse back are probably over." He could still be a productive player but I would not pass up great value for him. In the same breath, I would not sell him cheap either.

Hill - Nothing has changed from a fantasy prospective now for me. He is still a top asset. He will miss time next year but should come back still elite.

Wentz - still a solid dynasty QB option. If he can't stay healthy again this year, his value will plummet. Still an easy hold.

Brown - is going to get a ton of targets and that should keep him in the top 15 WR range. I think Carr bounces back a bit this year. Another player that I would not sell low on but would take top value for.

Ertz - I see no reason to think he will not be a top 3 TE again this year.

Drake - I think he moves into a more 50/50 role. I may be bullish on Ballage, but I think he is the more explosive back in Miami and it will be tough to keep him off the field in his sophomore season.
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