Browns VS Bills

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Browns VS Bills

Postby AussieMate » Wed Nov 13, 2019 2:56 pm

Finally got around to watching all of this game and I had some thoughts (nothing ground breaking so don't expect to be blown away with my spectacular analysis).

Looked like Baker was getting the ball out a lot quicker this game, a bit of that is Baker and maybe Kitchens finally being a coach and adjusting his play calling.
Chubb was just getting it done everywhere except in the red zone :wall: , he's so damn good.
Kareem Hunt is still good at football and isn't just a product of Andy Reid (we can make all the claims we want but no one really knew till we saw him in a different offense (also I know its just one game)).
I think we will see a lot of these 2 backs in the backfield for the rest of the season, both Chubb and Kareem are too good to not play as much as possible.
Josh Allen is no Lamar Jackson but for his size he is freakishly athletic, they should design more plays for him to run like the Ravens do for Jackson, also he's still really inaccurate (hope he improves in this area as I like Josh Allen)
John Brown is quietly having a really good season (would be loud except for lack of touchdowns) Brown is one of my favourite players in the NFL and I'm glad hes landed on his feet after the whole sickle cell trait or whatever that blood disease he was diagnosed with.
If the Bills can get a big receiver with a large catch radius in the draft, they could really make a deep push in the playoffs.

disclaimer *I'm a Browns fan and I own Josh Allen in a few leagues*

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Re: Browns VS Bills

Postby Friction » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:03 pm

I see a lot of mocks with Buffalo taking Tee Higgins in the first next year, for the reason(s) you mentioned.
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