Gronk for 1.01 +

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Gronk for 1.01 +

Postby Cowboysfan33 » Mon May 25, 2015 11:31 am

I was originally offered Jordan Reed & 1.01 & a 2016 2nd for Gronk but I turned it down because I think I can get more and I'm not sure I even want to trade Gronk. I countered back AJG + 1.01 for Gronk and he turned that down, which didn't surprise me. Anyway, the other owner has Eifert and ASJ as other TEs, how close would it be for Eifert + 1.01 + 2016 2nd rounder, not enough or pretty close? This is for an orphan team that I just took over, 12 team league 20 man rosters PPR 1QB 1-3 RBs 1-3 WRs 1 TE league. Like I said, I'm good with keeping Gronk because he such a weekly advantage but was wanting some feedback on if this would be enough if I decide to move him, thanks.
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Re: Gronk for 1.01 +

Postby Detroitcity » Mon May 25, 2015 11:38 am

Eifert/ 1.1/ 2nd is not even close for Gronk

Also if you proposed me AJG/1.1 for Gronk, you would not get another offer from me....horrible offer

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