AJ Brown

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AJ Brown

Postby noen10 » Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:05 pm

Interesting. I was just offered this:

Team 1 below, superflex

Johnathon Taylor
2 x Late second

Get aj brown

Or give Kyler Murray


Aj brown

Or give Kyler

Get james Robinson
Aj brown

Team 1:
10 Team PPR, 1 QB, 2RBs, 3 WRs, 2 Flex 1 Superflex, 1 TE

QB: Kyler Murray, Sam Darnold,
SuperFlex: Josh Allen, Cam Newton
RB: Aaron Jones, Austin Ekler, jonathon Taylor , Raheem Mostert, ROJO, GIO
WR: Allen Robinson, Terry Mclaurin, Tyler Boyd, Darius Slayton,Russel Gage, Deebo Samuel, Miles Boykin, Preston Williams cedee lamb chase claypool keelen Cole
TE: Austin Hooper, gronk, OJ Howard, Cole

2021: 2,2
2022: 1,2

Team 2:
12 Team 4 Keeper, 2 QB & superflex full PPR 10 team (round drafted):

2qb: Daniel Jones, joe burrow, nick foles, Dwayne Haskins
2Rb: CMC (1st), Aaron Jones (3rd), james Connor, matt Breida, Zack moss
3WR: Michael Thomas (5th), Terry Mclaurin, Keenan Allen, AJ Brown, Henry Ruggs, Michael Pittman Jr, Chase Claypool
1 TE: Travis Kelce (5th)

Team 3:
12 Team Redraft

1 TE:

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Re: AJ Brown

Postby Gator Sens » Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:51 pm

AJ Brown is fantastic, but the only offer that is close is the Taylor offer, but I think it hurts your build a lot. Taylor has not been great so far, but its early in his career and you would be thin at RB.

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Re: AJ Brown

Postby realmacaroni » Sun Nov 08, 2020 3:21 am

Def don’t give up the better of ur 2 QB’s in SF...at all...for anything

Although ur 10t league prob has a little more QB wiggle room than my 12t league
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RB: A Jones - A Ekeler - J Conner - J Williams - AJ Dillon - J Jackson - J Kelley - B Snell - A McFarland - J Samuels - T Homer
WR: M Thomas - T Lockett - D Johnson - J Crowder - D Parker - V Jefferson - D Duvernay - D Westbrook - J Hurd - I Coulter - F Swain
TE: Kelce - Herndon - Keene - Akins - Warring - Conklin
DEF: Rams - 49ers
K: Boswell

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Re: AJ Brown

Postby abloom » Sun Nov 08, 2020 5:34 am

Assuming it's your 10 teamer I'd move Kyler for ajb and mixon.

Very different story if it was a 12 teamer.
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W: Evans,Edelman,Cobb,Davis,Mooney,Lazard
T: Goedert(IR),Henry
K: Bullock

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R: Cook, Dobbins, Swift, Monty, Mattison
W: Nuk, Godwin, Metcalf, K Allen, Edwards, AB, Sutton(IR)
T: Kelce
K: Tucker

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R: Michel, Moss, Hyde, Bernard, Richard, Darrel Williams, Damien Williams, C Thompson
W: Juju, Cooper, Allen, Sanders, D Moore
T: Schultz, Doyle, Asiasi, Thomas

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Re: AJ Brown

Postby CGW » Sun Nov 08, 2020 6:34 am

The Taylor one is interesting if you don't need the RB for this year. Probably selling low, but getting AJB is a plus.

I'd not trade Murray off in a superflex without a route to get a new QB, even 10tm. I wouldn't want to rely on Allen and Darnold weekly.
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QB | Watson, Cousins, Darnold, Trubisky, Flacco
RB | Taylor, Gaskin, Singletary, Wilkins, Ahmed, Wilson
WR | Adams, Evans, Golladay, D. Johnson, Miller, G. Davis, Mooney, Pascal, Coutee
TE | Andrews, Alie-Cox, Rodgers, Herndon

10 Team | SF | PPR

QB | Murray, Tagovailoa, Minshew
RB | Montgomery, Swift, Dobbins, R. Jones, Singletary, Vaughn
WR | Godwin, AJ Brown, Lamb, D. Johnson, Aiyuk, M. Brown, Slayton, Mooney, Kirk, Reynolds, Fulgham, Peoples-Jones, Perriman
TE | Andrews, Henry, Sample, Schultz

12 Team | SF | PPR | 6pt pass TD

QB | Watson, Wilson, Darnold, Trubisky, Glennon, Stidham
RB | Hines, Henderson, Wilkins, Penny, Ahmed, Guice
WR | Evans, Ridley, Golladay, Kupp, D. Johnson, Pittman, Fulgham, Mooney, Ward, T. Smith
TE | L. Thomas, Ertz, Herndon, Sternberger

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Re: AJ Brown

Postby MyTeam » Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:05 am

In a ten team SF, Kyler for Mixon and Brown is good value IMO. I'd try to move another piece and get a QB back from them too if that is possible.
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QB: Cousins, Mayfield
RB: Elliott, Barkley, J. Taylor, J. Robinson, K. Johnson, Armstead, M. Brown, B. Hill
WR: Hill, Metcalf, AJ Brown, Smith-Schuster, Sutton, Gallup, Shenault, Jeffrey, Patterson, Sims
TE: Henry, Goedert

Taxi: Snell, Okwuegbunam, Trautman, Dallas, Knox

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QB: Mahomes, Burrow, Cousins, Rudolph
RB: CMC, Swift, Gibson, A. Mattison, B. Scott, J. Wilson, McFarland, Love, Armstead
WR: McLaurin, Kupp, Golladay, Jeudy, Mims, Hamler, Miller, T. Johnson, Harmon, Stills, Hamilton, D. Robinson, O. Johnson, Conley, Bourne, Wright
TE: Andrews, Sternberger, Boyle

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Re: AJ Brown

Postby dblj1199 » Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:50 am

At first I thought I'd jump all over the Kyler for Mixon and AJ, but in a SF it's hard. Your going to give up a 23 yr old, what appears to be, a elite qb. Now you also get back a stud wr, but will it be easier for you to acquire another qb or wr in your league? I think I'd do the JT deal, he has been given every opportunity so far and he just hasn't taken off. How much playing time would he be getting if Mack hadn't been hurt??
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K- J Sanders

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Re: AJ Brown

Postby 24FlavorsofFun » Mon Nov 09, 2020 8:11 am

Definitely passing on the Kyler trade.

With your build I'd hold Taylor too. You're way deep at WR.
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TE - Gesicki, Hockenson
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WR - M.Thomas, OBJ, Woods, Moore, Godwin, R.Anderson
TE - Gesicki, Witten, Irv
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QB: Mayfield, Allen, Bridgewater,
RB: Mixon, Swift, K.Johnson, Sanders, Ekeler, DJ
WR: Tyreek, A.Cooper, D.Adams, A-Rob, C.Davis, P.Williams, V.Jefferson, Duverney
TE: Engram, Rudolph, Hollister

2021: All picks

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Re: AJ Brown

Postby Jcedwards » Mon Nov 09, 2020 9:00 am

Do not trade Kyler in SF without getting a QB back. I agree with others that I hold Taylor too, given your build.

The Kyler for Mixon and Brown is fair, but I would see if you could get a QB back, even if you have to add a small piece. Just not a fan of trading elite QBs in SF, without receiving one back.
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Re: AJ Brown

Postby cvbuc » Mon Nov 09, 2020 2:14 pm

This is a DREAM to be able to get out from under the absolute bust that is JT and to get a receiver in return who could be a top 5 fixture at the position for the next 5+ years.

I would absolutely without question break my finger off to smash the accept button to get AJ Brown for JT.

JT doesn't have it, folks.
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WR- K. Golladay, Julio, J. Landry, Crowder, T. Fulgham, J. Edelman, M. Jones, Tyler Johnson, R. Gage, C. Johnson
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Re: AJ Brown

Postby burntfire » Mon Nov 09, 2020 2:33 pm

cvbuc wrote:
Mon Nov 09, 2020 2:14 pm
This is a DREAM to be able to get out from under the absolute bust that is JT and to get a receiver in return who could be a top 5 fixture at the position for the next 5+ years.

I would absolutely without question break my finger off to smash the accept button to get AJ Brown for JT.

JT doesn't have it, folks.
But how do you really feel?
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