Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

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Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

Postby smcwilliams » Fri Oct 18, 2019 5:41 am

12 team Superflex PPR league where you can start 4 WR (or 5 if you dont flex a QB). Solid overall team in a very competitive league with really only one or 2 teams out of it at this point. Am I paying too much? I keep hearing about the strength of next years draft class but I tend to lean the way of getting the known asset over the picks.


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Re: Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

Postby jodscott213 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 5:53 am

I'd do it in a heartbeat
10 Team salary: No PPR, 4pt passing td, 6pt rushing/receiving, 1 pt every 100 yds

Lineup: basically like a NFL lineup
5 skill positions
Rb: Up to 3 but dont have to start any
Wr: up to 5 but dont have to do any
Te: up to 3 but dont have to do any
Salary Cap: 47.50
QB: Wentz(3@.50) Jimmy G(4@.50), Josh Allen(5@1)
RB: Barkley(6@3.00),James Connor(2@2.70) Mixon(5@1.60), Fournette(5@2.80), Guice(6@2.40), Montgomery(5@2.60),Justice Hill(3@1.00) Alexander Mattinson(3@.5)
WR: OBJ(4@8.70), Adams(4@7.50) DJ Moore(5@1.60), Pettis(3@.50), Deebo(4@.80) Campbell(4@1.20), JJAW(3@.50) Keesean Johnson(3@.5) Sutton(3@.5)
TE: Ertz(1@.5) Will Dissly(3@1.00)
K: Gould, Prater
Def: Browns, Pats

2 round rookie draft
3 firsts, 1 Second
2 firsts, 1 2nd

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Re: Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

Postby TimeWillTell » Fri Oct 18, 2019 6:00 am

Hopkins easily
2020 Champion!
12 Team 1QB 0.5 PPR 30 man roster
Start: 1QB,2RB,3WR,1TE,1Flex,1K,1Def
QB: Mahomes, Stafford, Jones
RB: Barkley, JRob, CEH, Taylor, Dobbins, Swift, Penny
WR: AJB, Jefferson, Evans, DJM, Chark, Lamb, Tee Higgins, Mims, Shenault, Jeudy, Ruggs, P. Williams, Edwards, Callaway
TE: Andrews, Jonnu, Hock, Hurst
K: Some guy
Def: Who knows
No 2021 picks, 2022 2nd (not mine), all 2023 picks

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Re: Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

Postby Slackalacker » Fri Oct 18, 2019 6:41 am

Hopkins is worth way more than 2 1sts so yes, easily.
5-1 TEAM 1 - 10 team 1PPR (SF in 2021) | 2017 & 2019 League Champ :dance:
1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/4FLEX - 1/2/2/2/3/4/4
QB: Wilson - Wentz - Tua - Hurts - Eason
RB: Zeke - Mixon - Sanders - Davis - Pollard - Hill - Barkley(IR) - Coleman(IR)
WR: MThom - Godwin - DJM - Hollywood - Jefferson - Higgins - Pittman - Edwards - Mims - Scott Miller - Ross - Campbell(IR)
TE: Engram - Hock - Njoku

2-4TEAM 2 - 10 Team 1ppr |2019 Orphan
QB: Wentz - Brees - Rivers
RB: CMC - Sanders - JT - Gaskin - Duke - Hill - Ito - Riddick - Bowden - Smallwood - Walton - Wilkins
WR: JuJu - Hill - PWill - Lazard - Samuel - Scotty - MVS - Van Jefferson - Enunwa - Washington - Trent Taylor -
TE: Hooper - Henry - Hurst - Gronk - Warring

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Re: Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

Postby Gator Sens » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:11 am

Nice price to get Hopkins.

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Re: Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

Postby Blackstar110 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:26 am

10 Team RealitySportsOnline League, Half-PPR (6-1)
1QB, 2HB, 2WR, 1TE, 2FLX **Adding additional superflex in 2021. Years under contract in parentheses. Two extensions and one franchise tag available per year**

QB: Mahomes (1), Stafford (4), Herbert (4)
HB: Cook (2), Sanders (3), Hunt (1), Montgomery (3), Hasty (1)
WR: Hopkins (1), Moore (2), Diontae Johnson (2), Higgins (4), Antonio Brown (2), John Brown (2), Miller (2), Mooney (1), Cooks (3), Mims (4), Edwards (4)
TE: Andrews (4), Jonnu Smith (3)
IR: Penny (2), Mostert (1)
Future Picks: '21 2nd, '22 2nd
12 Team Dynasty League, Half-PPR (5-2)
1QB, 2HB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLX, 1 SFX

QB: Murray, Tagovailoa, Fitzpatrick
HB: Taylor, Conner, Singletary, Harris, Wilkins
WR: AJ Brown, Robinson, Godwin, Lamb, Reagor, Edwards, Mooney, Davis
TE: Gronkowski, Burton
IR: Prescott, Beckham Jr.
Future Picks: '21 2nd, all picks in '22 and beyond

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Re: Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

Postby Goddard » Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:04 am


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Re: Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

Postby lukkynumber13 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:50 am

If the Firsts are from teams that are both 0-6, I would pause long & hard.

Assuming that’s not the case, yes this is easily Nuk.

TEAM A - 12 teams (19 R/U, 18 Champ, 17 R/U)
HERBERT, Brees, Tua, Wentz
COOK/JACOBS/MIXON, Dobbins, Swift, Hunt, Singletary, Bell, B Hill, Wilkins
NUK/HILL/GOLLADAY/K ALLEN, Diontae J, Hollywood, Ruggs, Pittman, Hilton, G Davis, Snead
KITTLE, Waller, Akins, H Bryant
Not listing my IDP, but they matter as much as offense in this league. Joey Bosa, Buckner, Sweat, and Cam Jordan are my main studs.
TEAM B - 32 teams, double copy - TEs get 1.5x bump in scoring
LAMAR, Cousins, Rivers, J Love
SAQUON/MIXON/CARSON, Dobbins, Lindsay, Mattison, Ingram, D Freeman, Clement
NUK/K ALLEN/JULIO/AROB, Evans, Thielen, DJ Moore, Lamb, Boyd, Coutee, Alshon
KITTLE/L Thomas, Ertz, Reed
Danielle Hunter, Aaron Donald, and Chris Jones are the cornerstones of my IDP squad.

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Re: Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

Postby abloom » Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:58 am

Hopkins is worth 3 firsts if not more in this format to me. Easy accept
Dynasty Team #1:
12 team, 1 ppr (1.5 te), 1Q,2R,2W,1T,2F,1D,1K

Q: Wentz,Tannehill,Hill
R: CMC,Taylor,Robinson,Fournette
W: Evans,Edelman,Cobb,Davis,Mooney,Lazard
T: Goedert(IR),Henry
K: Bullock

2021 Picks: 1.02,2.05,4.02,5.02,6.02,7.02
Dynasty Team #2: 2020 Champion
12 team, 1ppr (1.5 te), 1Q,2R,2W,1T,1SF,1F,1D,1K

Q: Wilson, Murray, Cousins, Trubisky, Smith, Dalton
R: Cook, Dobbins, Swift, Monty, Mattison
W: Nuk, Godwin, Metcalf, K Allen, Edwards, AB, Sutton(IR)
T: Kelce
K: Tucker

2021 picks: 1.05,1.12,4.06,4.12,5.12,6.12,7.07
DLF advice forum league:
14 team, SF, 1PPR (2PPR for TE), 1Q,2R,3W,1T,1SF,2F

Q: Mahomes ,Tua, Mullens, Love, Flacco, Hoyer, Rypien, Bethard
R: Michel, Moss, Hyde, Bernard, Richard, Darrel Williams, Damien Williams, C Thompson
W: Juju, Cooper, Allen, Sanders, D Moore
T: Schultz, Doyle, Asiasi, Thomas

2021 Picks: 1.04,1.11,1.12,2.04,3.04,4.04,4.06,4.10

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Re: Give 2 Firsts for Hopkins?

Postby RB6 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:30 am

Easy accept for Hopkins.
.5PPR 1Q/3W/2R/1T/2F
LJax, Lock, Burrow, Ben, Eason, Rosen
Adams, Julio, Kupp, Lockett, MWill, Shepard, Parris, Sims, Hamler, Fulgham, Duvernay, Van, Guyton, Boykin
Zeke, Ingram, Mostert, Hunt, Pollard, Hines, Adams
Andrews, Knox, Rodgers

PPR 1Q/3W/2R/1T/1SF/2F
Mahomes, ARod, Foles, Mullens, Mariota, Eason, Luton
LF, Singletary, Robinson, Mack, Breida, Hines, D. Freeman, Duke, Royce
MT, DK, Allen, Kupp, Edelman, Crowder, G. Tate, Dede
Andrews, Allie-Cox, Schultz, Thomas

PPR TE1.5 Return YDS 1Q/3W/2R/1SF/3F
Allen, Baker, Cam
MT, Ridley, Lockett, Landry, Parker, Miller, Shepard, Sims, Zaccheaus, Quez
MG, Singletary, Gibson, Cohen, Breida, Wilkins, Royce
Andrews, Henry, Knox, Olsen, Warring
Taxi: Morgan, Reed, Darwin, Pierce

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