1.06 Who do you like?

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1.06 Who do you like?

Postby wickerkat1212 » Mon May 27, 2019 3:36 pm

So, I traded up to get the 1.06. D3 is the team in my signature. 1 ppr, 12-man, start qb-rb-rb-wr-wr-wr-te-flex-k-d.

From talking to owners I think the draft will go something like this:

1. Jacobs
2. Monty
3. Harry
4. Sanders
5. Unknown
6. ME

Do you take Fant/Hock there or do you like Henderson, Singletary, or maybe a WR—Metcalf, Brown, Parris.


PS: I also have the 2.04 (#16). Any chance any of those guys slip to there? More likely Smith TE, Isabella, Butler, Harris, etc.
QB—Allen, Lamar, Big Ben
RB—Zeke, Henry, Cohen, Mostert, Evans (R), Coleman, Pollard, McFarland
WR—MThomas, Diggs, Lamb (R), Claypool, Lazard, Hardman, Beasley, Coutee
TE—Tonyan, Jonnu, Graham

QB—Watson, Stafford, Big Ben, Alex Smith
RB—Conner, David & Duke Johnson, Edmonds, Cohen, Breida
WR—Hill, Allen, Golladay, Jeudy (R), Jefferson (R), Jones, Jeffery, Amendola
TE—LThomas, Smith, Reed, Kmet, Trautman

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Gator Sens
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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby Gator Sens » Mon May 27, 2019 3:45 pm

Fant or Hockenson is a pretty good pick for your team. TE is a glaring need

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby Z$$$ » Mon May 27, 2019 4:12 pm

Either TE you like the best
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RB: CMC, Gibson, Harris, Evans, Perine
WR: Adams, McLaurin, Sutton, Kupp, Crowder, Peoples-Jones
TE: Hockenson, Gesicki, Hurst
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QB: Ryan, Tannehill
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WR: Adams, JuJu, DJM, Ridley, Sutton
TE: Kittle, Andrews, Goedert
D: S. Thompson, L. David, D. White, P. Queen
2021 Picks: 1.04, 1.11, 3.11

16 Team .5 PPR 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2Flex
QB: Cousins, Haskins
RB: Singletary, Sanders, Dallas, Samuels
WR: DJM, Godwin, Jeudy, Hardman, Coutee
TE: Hurst, Albert O, Oliver, Akins
2021 Picks: 1.8, 1.15

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby Royal26 » Mon May 27, 2019 4:29 pm

I'd go Metcalf here.
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Flex lineup requirements: 0 RB, 5 WR / 1 RB, 4 WR / 2 RB, 3 WR / 3 RB, 2 WR.
WR **can be WR or TE**

Qb: K. Murray, Jimmy G
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WR: Adams, Hopkins, Godwin, Higgins, S. Shepard, Cole
K: Sanders, Zuerloin
D/ ST: Panthers, Seahawks

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1 - 2021 1st (projected mid)
4 - 2023 1sts

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby ESKAY » Mon May 27, 2019 5:13 pm

This is a weird draft for sure. I like Campbell here... but it seems kind of high. I would love to know what you traded to move up. It seems like a good draft to have pick 10 instead of pick 6. Then you coulda taken whoever falls from those you mentioned.

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby sugbear65 » Mon May 27, 2019 5:23 pm

I am firmly on an island with my flag planted in regards to this very issue. I took D. Singletary with the 1.06 myself in two of my dynasty leagues. I actually got more of a mixed response from league mates than the “terrible pick” comments I thought I’d be flooded with. Which made me think maybe I’m not completely over the top in my Singletary love. But I don’t care if I am, at the point in the draft I was taking my boy and forget the noise. Though I will cop to trying to move back a few spots to no avail before I pulled the triggers.

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby crip7300 » Mon May 27, 2019 5:30 pm

Hockenson or Campbell here for me pretty easily.
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RB Barkley Akers Bell DJ Gaskins Dillon
WR Juju Amari DJMoore Chark Parker Cooks Slayton Diontae Reagor
TE Kittle Hockenson

Team 3
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QB 2RB 2WR TE 3Flex 1SF
QB Cam Darnold KAllen
RB Barkley Dillon
WR OBJ Evans Renfrow Slayton Diontae Shenault
TE Cook

Team 4
12 Team PPR
QB 2RB 2WR TE 3Flex
QB BigBen Tanny Herbert
RB Barkley Mixon Henry Conner JTaylor Gaskin
WR OBJ Juju DJMoore AJBrown Metcalf Diontae Edwards
TE Kittle Jonnu

Team 5 Bestball
12 Team 34 Keeper
Superflex PPR RB 0.5, WR 1, TE 1.5
1QB 2RB 2WR TE 4Flex 1SF DEF
QB Baker Darnold Carr
RB Barkley Sony Ingram Akers

WR Juju OBJ DJMoore AJBrown Deebo
TE Howard Herndon Jonnu

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby Pats/VikesFan » Tue May 28, 2019 8:51 am

Fant or Campbell
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TE: George Kittle(IR), T.J. Hockenson, Hayden Hurst
K: Tyler Bass
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2022: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
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2020 - TBD

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby killer_of_giants » Tue May 28, 2019 8:55 am


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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby abloom » Tue May 28, 2019 8:58 am

Well... You traded to 1.06, who did you like to make that move?
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W: Evans,Edelman,Cobb,Davis,Mooney,Lazard
T: Goedert(IR),Henry
K: Bullock

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W: Nuk, Godwin, Metcalf, K Allen, Edwards, AB, Sutton(IR)
T: Kelce
K: Tucker

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T: Schultz, Doyle, Asiasi, Thomas

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby childishfakerino » Tue May 28, 2019 8:59 am

killer_of_giants wrote:
Tue May 28, 2019 8:55 am
12 team, SF PPR league:


QB: Wentz, Brissett, Foles, Tannehill, McCown
RB: Fournette, Mack, Sanders, Cohen, McKissic, K. Dixon, D. Foreman, Brian Hill, B. Snell, M. Gaskin
WR: Thomas, Evans, Woods, Boyd, Dede, D. Robinson, T. Quinn, S. Sims, R. James, A. Humphries, J. Wims, O. Johnson, J. Watson, J. Kumerow, R. Ridley
TE: Engram, Olsen, J. Smith, J. Sprinkle, Z. Gentry, K. Warring

No K and D/ST

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby Dynasty DeLorean » Tue May 28, 2019 9:05 am

Hock there, one of the few "sure things" in this draft class and a need for your team.

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby vbbish » Tue May 28, 2019 10:53 am

Seems like an ideal trade back scenario here
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WR: Hopkins, Godwin, AJG, Boyd, Diggs, J. Brown
TE: Ertz, E. Engram, Kmet

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby Cowboysfan33 » Tue May 28, 2019 10:59 am

I would take either Fant or Hockenson, it makes so much sense for your team. I do agree that Hockenson is the “safer” choice but I think Fant has a little more upside but with more of a chance to bust. If not one of the TEs, then I would go with Campbell.

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Re: 1.06 Who do you like?

Postby surgebird2 » Tue May 28, 2019 11:25 am

Hockenson for your team pretty easily. Or Deebo if Hock is gone.
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