Finding a JC replacement

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Finding a JC replacement

Postby quietloudness » Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:06 pm

So, lost Jamaal Charles this past week and put up my second on the block for an older RB type (foster, forte) or other ideas. Have 2 offers right now.

The details:

36 team league, 3 copies of players. PPR league, start 10 Offense and 10 Defense.
1 QB, 2-4 RB, 3-5 WR, 1-3 TE, 1 PK, 1-2 DT, 2-3 DE, 3-4 LB, 1-2 CB, 2-3 S

My team:(currently 5-0)
-Rivers, Mariota, Bridgewater
-Charles, L. Miller, Duke J., J. Randle, McCluster, Rawls, And. Williams, khiry, Zenner
-DT, D-Hop, A-Rob, Sammy, Dev. Adams, Snead, DGB, Mart. Bryant, Mumphery, R. Greene
-Clay, Cook, V-Davis, Walford, Amaro
-Hankins, Blackson
-Wilkerson, Henry Anderson, Ansah, Addison, Dan. hunter, Owangabe
-Levy, Hicks, Collins, My. Kendricks, Hodges, Kikaha, marshall, Keenan Robinson, Jake Ryan
-Kareem, Adams
-Church, R. Allen, Mcleoud
Picks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7

Team 1:
-Cutler, Cam, Osweiller
-Gore, CJA, Ellington, Ras. Jennings, Herron, David Johnson, Rawls, Ridley, Dunbar
-Travis Ben, Kelvin Ben, John Brown, Cruz, Decker, Andre Holmes, Hunter, Charles Johnson, Maclin, Chris Matthwes, Ruben Randle, D-thomas, Wheaton, Marquess Wilson, Conley
-Jimmy Graham, Kelce
-Ayers, Dunlap, Avril, Dan. hunter
-Beason, Hicks, Jones, My. Kendricks, Kennard, Laurinitas, Minter, te'o, Ramik
-Blake, Verner, Byron Jones
-Blanton, Pryor, Searcy, Whitner
Picks: 1, 4-2's, 3, 5, 6, 7

Team 2:
-Bradford, Brady, Smith
-Andrews, Dixon, Vereen, Thompson, Reece, Riddick, Taliaferro, Yeldon, McCluster, Dunbar, Varga
-Amendola, Baldwin, Mal. Floyd, Ginn, Heyward Bey, Rish. Matthews, Mumphery, Washington, White, Agholor
-Barnidge, Gilmore, Gronk
-Donald, Hankins
-Bennett, Crick, m. Johnson
-Cushing, Freeman, Hodges, Lynch, Mack, Miller, Al. SMith, Mal. Smith, Wright, Emanual
-Cyprien, Church, Jenkins
Picks: 5-1s, 5-2's, 2-3's, 4, 2-5's, 6, 7

First offer from Team 1:
My 2016 Second and Henry Anderson for his Frank Gore

This is not close to me, I have Gore around a 3rd and I have Henry Anderson at close to a 1st now. He also said he would do Jamaal Straight up for Gore. I would consider Gore plus for my second......or Even Gore plus for Jamaal, but not sure on a counter.

Second offer from Team 2:
My 2016 Second for Shane Vereen.

I have never been a big fan, but the value is probably close to right I guess.

So any thoughts/feedback on these?
12 team PPR league
Big Ben, Henne
Spiller, Sjax, R. Bush, J. Rodgers, D. Rich, Hillman, Hunter
Julio, Maclin, Decker, Cruz,
Gresham, Olsen

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Re: Finding a JC replacement

Postby vbbish » Wed Oct 14, 2015 10:45 pm

Thought #1: Kelce or Jimmy Graham & Gore for One of your depth receivers + picks

Thought #2: Yeldon... Whats his asking price

Thought #3 How many Rawls are in the league??
8th Year Full Dynasty PPR (1 pt. per Rec.) 1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE,1TE/RB/WR 12 team league
QB: L. Jackson, Brees
RB: Gurley, M. Gordon, R. Penny, M. Ingram, T. Cohen, D. Montgomery, JT, Dillon
WR: Hopkins, Godwin, AJG, Boyd, Diggs, J. Brown
TE: Ertz, E. Engram, Kmet

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