Gus Williams - worth a hold?

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Gus Williams - worth a hold?

Postby ProfPoobah » Sun Oct 17, 2021 9:55 am

In Team 2 of my sig, the 10 players we keep increase in value by $5 a year. I drafted JK Dobbins, killing a space on my roster, knowing that I can have him for $12 next year. I also picked up Etienne in a trade deal (less worth it, but I got Metcalf in the deal, too...), so that's killing another space. Is it worth it, anywhere between right this second and before the kickoff of week 13, to spend $1 on Gus Edwards in order to have him for $6 next year backing up Dobbins? It is worth the space, or using one of my 10 keeper spots on him? Not that my roster now is what I'll have to choose from in February, but today my ten spots would probably be Lance, Cook, Chubb, D. Harris, Dobbins, Etienne, Moore, Metcalf, either Bateman or Shepard, and Waller.
Team 1 - 10-Team Dynasty .5 PPR/6 Pts all TDs - QB/2RB/2WR/TE/3 FLEX/DL/2LB/DB
QB - Stafford/Wentz/Carr/Love/Hill
RB - A. Jones/Henderson/D. Harris/Carter/Singletary/Bolden/Wilson/G. Edwards
WR - Lockett/Woods/Pittman/Golladay/Anderson/Reagor/M. Callaway/Raymond
TE - Andrews/Fant
DL/LB - Reddick, Judon
LB - B. Wagner/L. Wilson
DB - B. Baker/A. Davis
TAXI - K. Hill/J. Funk/A. Rodgers/J. Palmer/A. Schwartz/B. Jordan

Team 2 - 12-Team 10 Keeper/Auction $200 Cap - .5 PPR - QB/2RB/3WR/TE
QB - Cousins ($1)/Burrow ($9)/Lance ($5)
RB - Cook ($37)/Chubb ($21)/D. Harris ($6)/Jamaal Williams ($9)/Mattison ($3)/A. Collins ($1)/Dobbins ($7)/Etienne ($7)
WR - Moore ($22)/Lockett ($17)/Metcalf ($12)/Shepard ($2)/Bateman ($1)
TE - Waller ($11)

Team 3 - 12-Team 3 Keeper - PPR, 6 Pts all TDs - start QB/2RB/3WR-TE
QB - Cousins, D. Jones
RB - Jones, CEH, Jav. Williams, Pollard, Sermon, Barber
WR/TE - AJ Brown, Evans, Pittman, OBJ, Anderson, Shepard, Bateman

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