Trading for Diggs? Please advise!

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Trading for Diggs? Please advise!

Postby Avery » Thu Sep 23, 2021 8:01 am

0.5 PPR 10 team neighbrohood league with very shallow benches.

Looking to improve my WR and thinking about offering (to a RB needy team):
I give: Ty'Son Williams & Cooper
I get: Diggs, Conner

I could also offer:
I give: D. Harris & Cooper
I get: Diggs & Conner

Would love to hear your thoughts on these offers. If you think they are "fair" offers and, more importantly, if I should offer them.

Thanks for the feedback! :thumbup:
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TE - D. Goedert, M. Gesicki, A. Trautman
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