Pickup Ronald Jones and/or Tevin Coleman?

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Whom to pickup? For bonus points, comment on whom I should drop for them!

Ronald Jones
Tevin Coleman
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Pickup Ronald Jones and/or Tevin Coleman?

Postby Avery » Wed Sep 25, 2019 6:54 pm

13 team PPR short bench league (not that it matters here but a Vampire League if anyone knows what that is)

Unique starting lineup with QB / 5 Flex / D

My team is not performing well. Looking at the wire and keep the churn, Ronald Jones and Tevin Coleman are available.

My thoughts:
Jones: Yes, he's been terrible but looked a ton more dynamic than Barber and should/might continue to get more carries going forward
Coleman: Might he take over the backfield? Might he get the goalline carries that have been going to Wilson? Might be worth grabbing before that might happen?

My top candidates to drop are Duke Johnson (I love his talent but I'm over waiting for something to happen there), Alexander Mattison (love his talent but needs an injury to be relevant) and Michael Gallup (love his talent too but is currently hurt)

So the question is would you grab Jones and/or Coleman and if so, whom would you drop for them.

Thanks for the input! :thumbup:
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