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12TM PPR Draft Done

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:43 am
by Servo
Hometown league, finished 6th and decided to choose 12th.

QB, 2x WR, 2x RB, TE, Flex, DST, K

1.12 - Bell (Hopkins, Adams, Beckham, Julio, MT, Juju all gone)
2.01 - Gurley (willing to take the risk here)
3.12 - Cooks (needed a WR)
4.01 - Golladay (was pretty hammered and forgot Thielen was still on the board :doh:)
5.12 - Kerryon (2018 Keeper)
6.01 - Guice (chose him over AJG, ARob, Hunter Henry, etc)
7.12 - Will Fuller
8.01 - Shepard
9.12 - Gallup
10.01 - Delanie
11.12 - Russell
12.01 - Nkeal (took as a possible keeper pick, should he get his bleep together lol)
13.12 - Cleveland DST
14.01 - Trey Burton (TE is a brutal landscape, figured to grab another)
15.12 - Robbie Gould (LFG)

Felt like this is a pretty solid long as Bell and Gurley still perform at their current levels lol.

Re: 12TM PPR Draft Done

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 12:21 pm
by Hawks_Fan10
Good team. I think if fuller can stay healthy you are very solid! Hope your backs stay healthy also.