How to rebuild in a 7 keeper league?

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Re: How to rebuild in a 7 keeper league?

Postby WhiskeyRacer » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:22 am

Last year, I took over a team in a 10-team/10-keeper league. My team was full of older and questionable players and really I only had Gurley to speak for.
Long story short: I sold out for age and focused on acquiring top end talent. To do this, I sold everything. I didn't care if I "lost" a trade value-wise. In fact, I used these lopsided values as a way to encourage trades with me as long as I got "my guy".

There will be 84 players kept, so try to get your keepers to be as high in the redraft rankings of those 84 as possible. After that, try to move up in the draft wherever possible, be proactive on the waivers to stay ahead of the curve and move those waiver players if they won't be keepers, and don't be afraid of selling potential for production once your team has a solid core of keepers.

Yours is standard scoring, so that would change my approach, but hopefully you get the drift and this helps.

I see your potential keepers as:
Fournette, Hilton, Adams, Ertz, Dak, Sanders, Abdullah, Powell
10-team 10-keepers .5PPR
Start: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX
2017 & 2018 Runner-up... :boohoo:

QB - Brees, Rivers
RB - Cook, Chubb, McCoy, Coleman, McKinnon, R.Freeman, Edwards, Damien Williams
WR - Hopkins, Evans, Thielen, Callaway, Lockett
TE - Gronk, Herndon, Thomas
Taxi - Coutee, Ito Smith

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