Teams with bad luck

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Teams with bad luck

Postby jdacunha » Tue Dec 08, 2020 6:08 pm

I’m in a league where the 2nd highest scoring team finished with the worst record at 2-10-1

They have Mahomes, Cook, Kamara, Ridley, Jefferson

Good news for me is I ha e his #1 pick.

What are some strange bad luck occurrences in your leagues?
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Re: Teams with bad luck

Postby TD41 » Tue Dec 08, 2020 6:26 pm

The 49ers... Oh we're talking about fantasy

I was in an auction league with a guy who had Barkley, McCaffrey, Burrow, Ekeler and Edelman.

He doesn't let the rest of us complain about injuries much

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Re: Teams with bad luck

Postby CGW » Tue Dec 08, 2020 6:39 pm

All my teams had injury problems.

My team 2 had 20+ games missed by starters between chubb, golladay, Godwin, aiyuk, dontae, Andrew's, swift, and monty.

3rd highest points scored, but ended 7th of 10.
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Re: Teams with bad luck

Postby colt77 » Tue Dec 08, 2020 9:40 pm

Me this year, gonna make a venting post right after this because bleep man this year sucked. Off rip, I'm in the 3rd year of dynasty and have won the past two years. My team was stacked with Lamar, Barkley, MT, Hill, Kupp, the works. Right off rip I start off getting 100 point clubbed and MT getting hurt on what would be like an 8 week injury. Next week Barkley tears his acl and I lose by 5. Luckily James Robinson picks it up and I trade for Connor to try to make it. End up losing in a heart breaker to a team I needed to beat and then the next need to win every game going forward. I do and then lose by less than a point to one of the worst guys in the league because Lockett dropped 50. I lost by a point in the monday game where the Rams played the bears and Goff didn't throw the ball at all a single time in the entire fourth quarter. So, at that point I decide to give up and tank but I didn't have my first, so I traded James Robinson for what would be a top 6 pick which experts told me was a win. Flash forward and Robinson is a monster and looks to continue to be an RB1 next year. The pick will only end up with fourth odds because I couldn't even lose properly. Next, I traded Conner right after Robinson for a struggling guys first. This actually is alright, but the bad luck continued. Looking at the playoff schedule in like week 10 it was shaping up that I would get two lottery picks maybe even 3! I just needed simple games to go my way. One was the best team in the league beating the struggling team, which didn't happen and then the two guys that were projected 5th and 6th seeds that had 6 wins in week 11 lost out the remaining 3, meaning my two lottery picks turned into just one and the other two are in playoffs. The worst luck I had happened this past week though. I was playing against one of the guys whose pick I owned and If I won he was out of playoffs. Even if I didn't win one of the 6 win teams I mentioned was going against a bad team and if he won that guy I was playing was out anyways. It turns out that the 6 win team lost to a bad team and then I lost to him by a point. Some of the things that happened in this matchup was Frank Gore getting 0.2 and going out after his first carry in a game 2 jets RBs put up 200 and then Tyreek Hill getting two TDS wiped off the board. Tonight I had Lamar Jackson vs his Amari Cooper. I was up all the way until the end of the fourth quarter where on 4th down Dalton hits Cooper for a TD making me up just a point. I think ok as long as they run the clock out here, I'll be fine. Nope, cowboys kick an onside and Ravens score without Lamar doing anything and the next drive Cooper catches one single pass on a meaningless drive and I lose by one singular point. Literally nothing went my way this season. My only saving grace is next week both of the guys whose picks I own are both expected to lose, but knowing my luck this year they'll clutch it out screwing me even more. Sorry if this sounds ranty, but man I just needed to decompress.
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Re: Teams with bad luck

Postby abloom » Wed Dec 09, 2020 6:26 am

jdacunha wrote:
Tue Dec 08, 2020 6:08 pm
I’m in a league where the 2nd highest scoring team finished with the worst record at 2-10-1

They have Mahomes, Cook, Kamara, Ridley, Jefferson

Good news for me is I ha e his #1 pick.

What are some strange bad luck occurrences in your leagues?
That is impressive. Like very impressive. Essentially he was the #2 scorer each week and he went up against the #1 most weeks.

And a tie just for an extra kick to the nuts. lol

I just hope your draft order is based on record and not potential points.
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