Good tweet from Curtis Patrick re: trading

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Good tweet from Curtis Patrick re: trading

Postby Mephistopheles » Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:38 am

With trade deadlines upcoming and about 90% of DFF owners existing in a state of delusion regarding how to put together trades...
Curtis Patrick posted a great tweet about how to close deals.
I especially like these two (which 90% of owners do not abide by):

Suggest deals that are mutually beneficial (these generally come with owners on the other side of the standings from you) — help winners win, help losers improve future draft capital.

When sending an offer (or counter-offer) you should feel a little nervous about whether you might be overpaying. Without that feeling you are probably lowballing and no amount of counters is likely to lead to an actual deal. ... 1070120964
PSA - Haggling is NOT the same as negotiating.

From the home office in Grand Rapids, MI, the Top 5 signs you suck as a trade partner (and probably as a human being)

5. You can name or fabricate 5 risks on every player not on your team.
4. You always respond that you don't value another team's players as highly as they do.
3. You steer conversations away from ADP or any other form of consensus or rankings to gauge trade value.
2. Your trade strategy centers around seeing where someone's at on a player or that "it's just a first offer".
1. Your trade offers are rejected without counter or outright ignored.

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Re: Good tweet from Curtis Patrick re: trading

Postby Patsfan86 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 6:18 am

The first advice is great, except it cant be used for the many many bubble teams that are a game out of the playoffs, (are you a competitor or not? Many dont know, and say what you want but you can think a team has no shot at winning a ship but then it gets in playoffs and wins it all) Id say these bubble teams are a good 33 percent of leagues at this point in the season, so this advice is far easier said than done. Second advice i totally agree with and its why ive "overpaid" according to some to get players i want.

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