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Please help us help you! Support DLF

Postby dlf_kenm » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:30 am

Hey all, just a quick request. And a bit of a PSA.

Since 2006 DLF has worked to be the best possible resource for the dynasty community. This community, this forum - this is a huge part of that effort. We wanted to create not only the best curated content and tools for the dynasty community, but also provide a gathering place for that community. A place where you can converse, share ideas, passions and knowledge. This Forum that you are on right now is the expression of that desire to build a free, open and accessible gathering place for the dynasty community.

Please consider helping us help you by supporting the site, and the hosting of this forum, through a DLF Premium Membership.

Even if you don't;

- even if you don't do all that, your subscription helps to keep the lights on for this forum.

This forum runs on it's own dedicated server, so that it can continue to be fast, responsive and as available as possible. Backups are performed constantly. When something goes south, we have to employ and pay for support services to help fix those issues. All of this stuff takes time and costs money. The forum is free for everyone to use, but it is certainly not free to run.

Those people with the gold-colored names here on the forum - those folks are recognized here because they are premium members who are helping to pay for this service you are using right now. Please consider doing the same. Even if it's just one monthly sub for a single month, or a $10 DraftKings promotional sub, or a regular annual membership. Everything helps, and whatever you can do is always appreciated.

Give it some thought, help us help you. And thanks for being a part of this awesome DLF Community!

Show your support for this community with a DLF Premium Membership.



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