My top 24 at each position (QBs)

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My top 24 at each position (QBs)

Postby JoshGordonsDealer » Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:42 pm

Analysis in parantheses.

Link to WRs: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=151467&p=1363187#p1363187
Link to RBs: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=151468
Link to TEs: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=151469

Tier 1 (No-questions asked studs)
1. Russell Wilson (Has probably been the best QB of 2017 and his line will only get better)
2. Aaron Rodgers (Talent is obvious, but 33 with a growing list of injuries)
Tier 2 (Studs, but with a small concern)
3. Andrew Luck (If he returns to form, he probably jumps back up to #1, but that's a big if)
4. Carson Wentz (If this isn't a mirage, he'll be a QB1 for more than a decade)
5. Jameis Winston (2017 hasn't been kind to Winston, but I still love his talent and attitude)
6. Marcus Mariota (Hasn't been given the keys to the offense yet, but he looks smart and poised, with the added bonus of rushing TDs)
7. Derek Carr (Off-year, but he'll rebound)
8. Dak Prescott (I think his upside is limited for the next couple years, but he's got the "it" factor)
9. Matt Ryan (Ryan's best season was probably 2016, but I think he'll do better than he has so far in 2017)
10. Cam Newton (All the physical tools in the world)
Tier 3 (I think these guys will be long-term studs, but I wouldn't gamble on it)
10. Kirk Cousins (I don't think it matters where he lands, but I'll be cautious)
11. Deshaun Watson (Are the limited games enough? We'll see. He looks special though)
12. Tom Brady (The favorite for QB1 as long as he is playing)
13. Drew Brees (The second favorite for QB1 as long as he is playing)
14. Matt Stafford (Not special, but reliable and with upside)
15. Jared Goff (I'm sold on his talent, not his scoring upside)
Tier 4 (I don't like these guys as my QB1, I love them as my QB2 on any team)
16. Ben Roethlisberger (How many seasons left? Ride out whatever you can get, he's got too many weapons not to put up points)
17. Philip Rivers (See Ben Roethlisberger)
18. Alex Smith (He's been a QB1 in 2017, but I think he returns to a steady QB2 in 2018)
Tier 5 (Depending on situation, these QBs are a solid investment)
19. Tyrod Taylor (He won't be in Buffalo next season, but that's about all we know)
20. Mitchell Trubisky (I'm not sold, but he'll get a chance)
21. Andy Dalton (An unexciting bye-week fill in)
22. Sam Bradford (There are rumors that he won't play again, but he's been solid when healthy recently)
23. Jimmy Garoppolo (Who knows what he is, but I like the offense he'll inherit with Shanny)
24. Teddy Bridgewater (He has the "it" factor, but he wasn't awesome when he started. I really want to see Teddy succeed though)

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Re: My top 24 at each position (QBs)

Postby BigBawseRoss » Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:46 am

way too high on winston and mariota, criminally low on watson as if he didnt play outstanding game after game (had he had a few duds mixed in i would understand but even after missing 2.5 weeks hes still in the top 5 FF points)
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team 4 ... =07&F=0010

team 5 ... =0008&O=07

team 6 ... =07&F=0004

team 7 ... =07&F=0011

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Re: My top 24 at each position (QBs)

Postby Bot101 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:17 am

Love seeing your rankings JoshGordonsDealer. Thank you for these.

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Re: My top 24 at each position (QBs)

Postby Sterling Archer » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:46 am

Again, thanks for posting. Great discussion starter.

I agree with BBR, way too high on Winston... and probably Mariota. I don't mind the Watson ranking. I'm tentative on him, too. The weak arm scares me away. Wouldn't touch him in a startup given the likely prices.
Dak goes as his rushing TDs go. Will he keep that up? Without those, he's just having a good/not great passing season (low YPA, high TD:INT).
Carr seems overrated to me. His YPA and TD/pass has never been impressive. Say what you will about Cooper this year, but he's had a hell of a duo at WR the past 3 years. I'm not optimistic about Carr long term. I think he's a high end QB2. Tier 4 for me.
Cousins is a weird one. So many bad choices. I just don't know about him. I think he's Tier 4, too.
Ryan had a fluke 2016 season (he's been playing long enough that we can spot an outlier), but I'd rank him below Stafford who is younger.
If Stafford had a decent HC/OC, he'd be much better. I'd bump him a tier.
Rivers probably has enough years left to be Tier 3.

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Re: My top 24 at each position (QBs)

Postby gausec » Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:20 pm

Cam for fantasy purposes may be slept on. Think of it this way him getting 40 yards rushing is an extra TD.
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Re: My top 24 at each position (QBs)

Postby heydangle » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:33 am

I'm hoping I could get Watson for Dak straight up, after the season. We'll see. All we saw was greatness (well minus when he was thrown in on short notice).
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