Going into MNF: Semi Finals

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Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby joeday » Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:16 pm

Ok, we are one Monday Night Football game away from the finals! How do your matchups look?

Bombers (NON PPR): -21.60 with Kirk Cousins, Jordan Reed vs. Robert Kelley (I think Kirk can close the gap so it will come down to Reed vs. Kelley...long story short I need a healthy Reed.)

Mastodons (NON PPR): +82.15 with no players vs. Cam Newton, DeSean Jackson, Panthers D/ST (His players would need to score around 27 points each to beat me, so I should be ok...but stranger things have happened!)

Gotham City Rogues (PPR): +14.55 with no players vs. Jordan Reed (If Reed is healthy I lose, if he is not then I will win.)

Rapid City Monuments (PPR): -2.90 with no players vs. no players (I played Rodgers over Palmer and it cost me the game...losing AJG and Julio just killed my team down the stretch.)

Scarecrow Boat (PPR): -7.70 with Jordan Reed vs. no players (Well I can win this one and the Rogues game, but I can't lose both of them which is good. If Reed is healthy I think this is an easy win.)

Mr. McGibblets (NON PPR): +53.50 with no players vs. Panthers D/ST (My opponent getting 1.70 out of Parker and Damien Williams on Saturday Night had me off to the right start.)

Kegel the Elf (PPR): -18.55 with Kirk Cousins vs. no players (Kirk hit this number every week except for one this season, so I feel somewhat safe...but I definitely am not counting my chickens.)

Klunebergs (PPR): +84.70 with no players vs. Greg Olsen (Yeah, I went off this week.)

Buttloose Tina 4 (PPR): +41.85 with no players vs. no players (I had a decent week, but my opponent totally crapped the bed.)

Buttloose Tina 5 (PPR): -26.00 with no players vs. Kirk Cousins (I hope I lose this game but about 70 points! lol)

Sinestro Corps (PPR): +3.30 with Kirk Cousins vs. Pierre Garcon (If I would have played Cooks over Sanders this game wouldn't even be close...ugh. Even so, I should be ok if Kirk spreads the ball around.)

Green Lantern Corps (PPR): +27.30 with no players vs. no players (This is a team I took over as an orphan this off season and I am thrilled with how well it has done. The clear best team, owned by my friend who brought me into the league, also won and made the finals.)

So I definitely made the finals in 4 leagues and definitely was eliminated in 2...6 have yet to be decided and I think all of them will be close. I will make the finals in at least 5 leagues (since two of the games will be determined by Reed and I can't lose them both).

Ok folks, how do all of you look this week?
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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby scorpion » Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:49 pm

Up 18.50 against D. Jackson on MNF. Tough matchups this week set me back with only L. Miller and J. Howard each scoring 1 TD. Brady, Antonio, Dez, Thomas, Williams combined for zero TDs. Should be interesting. GL.
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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby Dr.Graffin » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:57 pm

Non-ppr league (team 1 in sig)-Up 19 with J. Reed Vs. D. Hopkins, G. Olsen, J. Crowder. This one seems like it should be close. Feels like I'm probably on the losing end of things. If Reed has a big game I think I pull it off.

Keeper league-K. Cousins and J. Crowder Vs. Nobody. I basically need Cousins to throw 3 tds, or 2 tds with one going to Crowder. If this happens I win, if not, I lose. I can see this team winning this week as long as Cousins isn't shutdown by Carolina.

I'm already in the finals in my other PPR league (team 2 in sig).
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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby BuckeyeNation » Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:04 am

Have one matchup yet to be decided. Both me and my opponent had such terrible weeks that honesty neither of us deserve to advance to the title game. That's where we are though.

I'm down 37.9 with Cam/Reed left to play.

PPR league with QB scoring being 1pt/25 and 4pt/passing TDs. It's a feasible amount of points to compile if Cam were playing well and Reed were healthy, but we all know that's not the case. Realistically I'd probably need 6/80/1 out of Reed to have a real chance.
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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby vflgladiators » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:01 am

Up 21.5 against the Redskins defense. Should be a lock but I've seen some defenses this year get 25 so I'm not celebrating just yet.
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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby Pac_Eddy » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:12 am

I'm up 6.3 with Vernon Davis. He has Pierre Garcon. If both Garcon & Davis score their average, it's within a point. So a classic tossup tonite.

I'm not watching. I'll play some BF1 & go to bed.

Good luck, guys!
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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby clarion contrarion » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:26 am

2 absolute defeats
2 more highly unlikely comeback scenarios
1) down 20 with skins def and kelley or jstew ? in non standard conservative scoring league - sidebar commish is shuddering league after 15 years and I have yet to win (3 times runner-up) , I really thought this was the year . I have been rolling up big scores and dominating W's lately but sammy , cooper and evans just didn't come through combining for 6.45 point yuck! ! winston's 4 sacks and 4 turnovers added up to -12 off what would have already been a pedestrian evening. Very deep team of underachieving players this week - lost gronk - rawls gurley arob & j. matthews correctly benched but it just doesn't appear likely to happen.

2) down 37 with kelley and reed vs benjamin in standard scoring - snowball's chance in hell !

never been much of a skins fan but tonite I am all in with a maroon and yellow face !

One single likely W up 43 vs djax and stewart - standard scoring
after back to back years with
4 titles in 8 leagues last season
4 titles in 7 leagues in 2014
this year I will likely have a chance to win just 1 out of 9 leagues - to say the least it has been an arduous march .
.....this has been a public service announcement from forum superstar clarion contrarion
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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby cha » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:41 am

I am down by 12 in a PPR. Have Crowder set to go but could also roll with Garcon. Decisions.... :think:

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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby jaykay22 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:51 am

League of team #3 in sig. Full point PPR, and I need Crowder to get <16.8 points to make it to the final. This is gonna be very close I feel like.

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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby BlackOmega » Mon Dec 19, 2016 7:25 am

Since this will essentially be the last "going into MNF"" of the year I'll be a bit more detailed of all teams still fighting for the playoffs {though I have several that won't have a championship until week 17}:

Fist of Damocles (5 seed): +30 points with Jamison Crowder -vs- Vernon Davis {20 team keeper - standard scoring} I won't claim victory until the last player is done but this is almost locked up, a win moving me to the semi's in this league {we play through week 17}

Harvey's Birdmen (2 seed): +24.86 with no one -vs- Jonathan Stewart {12 team keeper - standard scoring} I feel pretty good here but RB's can have big games so this isn't a lock yet

Sword of Damocles (1 seed): +7.68 with Jordan Reed -vs- no one {10 team redraft - standard scoring} on to the championship next week!

Shield of Damocles (3 seed): +9.50 with Jamison Crowder -vs- no one {10 team redraft - standard scoring} on to the championship next week!

Sniper Kats (1 seed): +44.5 with Jamison Crowder -vs- Jonathan Stewart & the Panthers Def {10 team redraft - standard scoring} the champagne is on ice but again no celebration until this is locked up

Wings of Vengeance (3 seed): +5.6 with Jamison Crowder -vs- Pierre Garcon {12 team dynasty - PPR with return yds & big play bonus} this is the second week of a two week playoff, I was down by 50 after week one and figured it was over, but Cooks and Freeman brought me back from the brink so it's a coin flip for tonight!

Jolly Rogers (6 seed): -10 points with Rob Kelley -vs- no one {12 team redraft - PPR} let down by Eifert and the Vikings def this is another coin flip to move on or go home

Norse of Course! (4 seed): +28.02 points with no one -vs- Thomas Davis{LB} {16 team deep keeper - PPR w/ret yds and balanced IDP scoring} if he only gets tackles I can probably hold him off, if he gets a sack or pick then this is probably over, another coin flip right now

Midwest Land Sharks (1 seed): +85.35 points with no one -vs- Jamison Crowder & Bashaud Breeland{DB} {10 team keeper - PPR w/ret yds and weak IDP scoring} with the light IDP scoring, Crowder would have to have a game for the ages to make up the gap, no celebration yet but I feel good here

Death From Above (3 seed): -10.75 points with Jamison Crowder -vs- Mason Foster{LB} {10 team keeper - PPR w/ret yds and good IDP scoring} with the good IDP scoring and facing a deficit I have a feeling this is looking like a loss

Kardiac Kats (2 seed): -62 points with Rob Kelley & Luke Kuechly{LB} -vs- Greg Olsen & Shaq Thompson{LB} {12 team dynasty - PPR w/ret yards and good IDP scoring} if I managed to win this there would be an investigation launched by Roger Goodell before the echo of the final gun has faded away tonight! I agonized over taking Ty Montgomery out of my starting lineup for Diggs but I can at least console myself that it wouldn't have helped in the big picture!

Birds of Prey (1 seed): -15.18 points with Jordan Reed -vs- Kelvin Benjamin, Bashaud Breeland{DB} & Ryan Kerrigan{LB} {24 team dynasty - PPR w/light IDP scoring} Leveon Bell didn't save me this week, nor did Stafford, Watkins or Cooper! looks like I won't have a chance for the three-peat as champion in this league!

Shadow Warriors (2 seed): -3.81 points with Rob Kelley -vs- Pierre Garcon & Dustin Hopkins{K} {16 team dynasty - PPR w/return yds and good IDP} if the Redskins only score TD's and Kelley has a bigger night than Garcon then I have a chance but I'm not holding my breath!

Gato Pistoleros (6 seed): +31.08 points with Rob Kelley & Jamison Crowder -vs- Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen & Thomas Davis{LB} {12 team deep keeper - PPR w/ret yds, average IDP and big play scoring} the sometimes screwy scoring will make this a nail biter until the end, in a more normal scoring setup I would feel pretty good but in this league it's a coin flip and a win here would lead to the semis as this is another league that plays through 17 weeks

Aces & Eights (8 seed): +29.49 points with Jamison Crowder -vs- Tre Boston{DB} & Bashaud Breeland{DB} {24 team dynasty - PPR w/ret yds and balanced IDP scoring} with the balanced IDP scoring this is a coin flip, if his 2 DB's don't get any picks or sacks I should win this otherwise it could get ugly early!

Trondheim Fire Dragons (2 seed): +25.85 points with Cam Newton, Rob Kelley & Will Compton{LB} -vs- Josh Norman{DB} & Luke Keuchly{LB} {10 team dynasty - PPR w/ret yds and average IDP scoring} with only having average IDP scoring I feel pretty good about this one

I play in 24 leagues and have 17 still alive in the playoffs {one is on a bye this week}, this week I have 2 wins in the bag 3 more likely against 2 likely losses and 9 games still contested where winning at least 5 of those would feel like a victory. Basically tonight many of my games will rise or fall based on Jamison Crowder and Rob Kelley's play!

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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby WhatWouldDitkaDo » Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:20 am

Help me Jamison Crowder...you're my only hope. :pray: :pray: :pray:
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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby grooner » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:11 am

Speed Killz : Tiered PPR (0.5RB, 1wr, 1.25Te) -37.08 with Olsen plus either Rob Kelley or Benjamin. Long shot, need huge games.
Tiltshow 2: +22.38 with no one vs Cousins and Hopkins. Again a long shot, need Kelley to do everything and for Washington to kick no fgs!

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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby Joey Pigskins » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:37 am

JStew and 5 points vs. Olsen half PPR

just havin another heart attack Bahb

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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby npainter » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:42 am

Up 22.40 Pts with J Stew left vs Olsen and K Benjamin
PPR and 0.25PPC

I should be OK but taking nothing for granted!

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Re: Going into MNF: Semi Finals

Postby LibertyCountyBrawler » Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:19 pm

Man... I have been eying up the playoff schedule for weeks now. I was pumped. I'd have Rodgers vs Chicago, DJ vs NO, Julio vs SF, Alshon vs GB, it was lining up to be an amazing week. I had my playoff spot in the bag as I clinched a number of weeks ago. I had a first round bye. All I had to do was win week 15 with that schedule. My studs were set to have top notch finishes. I won 4 straight and 10 of my last 11 averaging over 155 per game (this is about 15 pts higher than league average). I was on my way to a championship. Then...

Julio has a toe injury which keeps him sidelined. It's -1 in Chicago, Rodgers throws for zero touchdowns. I have no complaints for DJ. I go against my gut and keep Alshon on the bench. Tyreek Hill has a fast start and has 13 points before the end of the first quarter, 0 remainder of the game. I replace Alshon with Farrow thinking he's gonna get a boatload of touches and put up a fair game and is a dud.

Ultimately going in to Monday night football I'm down 51 with Kelley, Crowder and Thomas Davis. Kwon Alexander had a HUGE game for me (18pts). Now I just need to hope for an utter dismantling of Carolina by Washington and maybe an INT return for TD by Thomas Davis. The Alshon move hurts big time as I'm missing out on 15 points I should have had. It pains me to say this as an Eagles fan but HTTR.
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