Ranking the 2020 rookie rbs for 2021

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Re: Ranking the 2020 rookie rbs for 2021

Postby Ice » Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:23 am

Gibson will be a really difficult and expensive get.

I had a 1st round grade on him last year and traded a 2021 1st a couple of times to get him at 2.4 and in an IDP league as the 15th offensive player drafted. In a rebuild I traded a lot of assets to get draft picks and took him 2.1.

He was one of the steals of the draft. His owners today regardless if they targeted him highly as many did or just lucked into him would never sell cheap.

He was drafted for Rivera's system but many simply chose not to believe it even though Rivera himself said as much.

He is a perfect example of why looking past the gross stats and spending some time watching tape matters. This player jumped off the screen much like DK did a year earlier when studying the quality tape they had.

The only reason I waited until the high 2nd was the depth of the draft class.
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Re: Ranking the 2020 rookie rbs for 2021

Postby Sriracha » Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:16 pm

stoneghost28 wrote:
Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:51 am
2. Guice was elite in any game he was healthy for and I remained a huge Bryce Love believer (needless to say, if there was a Bryce Love/Derrius Guice Anonymous Group meeting every tuesday night, I'd probably be running the meetings) AND they inexplicably signed McKissic

It just seemed utterly pointless to waste draft capital on him when the second round was a whose who of high upside WR2/WR3 caliber talents littering the board, why go after a guy when Guice looked like a top 5-10 RB when actually healthy enough to play, Love looked like the best or close to the best RB in college his last healthy season ('17) and the situation itself beyond the crowded RB room was a dumpster fire worst case scenario.
Yeap, he was literally my only non WR target in the 2nd round. People were really sleeping on his physical traits which were out of this world.. only had to "reach" for him in the 15th round of a startup pre NFL draft but would've been willing to grab him in round 11.

Then he got drafted to WSH... and I just couldn't help but wonder why? Guice was phenomenal every time he hit the field and there had been nothing but love for him from the coaching staff all off-season. I was also a huge Bryce Love fan (as I generally never assume these guys can't get healthy at 23 years old) which made me wonder if they unbelievably drafted him as a WR/RB hybrid instead of a RB. Then Guice implodes his career, Bryce Love can't get on the field... and the rest is history. I still don't think fading him once he went to WSH was bad process; but it definitely worked out for those that charged headfirst into his low percentage opportunity this year.

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