Anyone else ever NOT fix their flaws, they just stopped mattering?

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Anyone else ever NOT fix their flaws, they just stopped mattering?

Postby SteelLake » Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:41 am

Growing up my issues in school / first crappy jobs were always - disorginization with papers / losing everything, and always being just a couple minutes late.

I was the kid who would get an A on every test, but grade would drop drastically becasue I couldn'd find the ____ homework, that I actually did. I actually put in effort at every job, but I could somehow never arrive on time, usually flying in about one to six minutes late. I received substantial backlash from this in my early jobs.

I never solved either of these issues. I still am the idiot looking for my keys, or phone-charger, etc... But all of my professional work is digital, so no problem. I still go to my desk a couple minutes later than I plan a couple times a week, but no one ever cares or notices / doesn't hold me back in any real manner.

Just came to realization, that when growing up / going through those experiences, we ideally learn and improve on our flaws, so they stop becoming issues.... I really haven't at all, yet, it entirely stopped becoming an issue.

Curious if anyone else has similar experiences.
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