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Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:07 am
by ArrylT
Been a dog person for most of my life - grown up with them and all - however I still retain a fondness for cats as well and am mulling over adopting / getting a cat / kitten. Was just curious if there were any Cat lovers with tips / thoughts on

best breed to adopt
is it better to adopt a male or female cat
general cat care tips (especially ones people wouldnt think of but are common sense)
your favorite thing about cats
If your cat is an indoor cat - do you ever 'walk it' out outdoors?

Re: Cats

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:59 pm
by jcc6fd
Glad you’re considering adopting a cat. They can be a lot more fun and friendly than they get credit for.

I’ve always had a cat or two in my home since childhood and have adopted two of my own with my wife. Every cat is different but I think your odds of getting a more social and friendly cat increase if you adopt from an organization that fosters cats. Your local petsmart likely hosts a foster organization on weekends where you can meet the cats and judge their temperament for yourself. Typically really sweet older ladies foster several at a time and they end up being super social and attention seeking. In a shelter cars can often feel stressed and they’re likely just off the street which is also stressful. A foster organization will take time to socialize the cats before putting them up for adoption. Our best friend got a cat from the same organization as our foster care cat and they are both the sweetest cats I’ve met.

Kittens are typically more maleable and likely to socialize well, but you have more risk of just being an off personality and more work associated with care and expenses for about a year. We adopted a young adult cat from a foster organization and a kitten from a traditional shelter. Both are great pets and super social with humans, each other and our dogs. Sometimes older cats can be set in their ways and not like new sounds/smells or bothersome kids or dogs.

If you have dogs or kids bring them to where the cats are to see which will get along. A lot of the foster homes have dogs in them so those cats will be more used to them.

In my experience “breed” rarely matters, though I’m sure someone with more knowledge could tell you if there’s temperament differences. Of the typical adoptable breeds I tend to not buy the wives tales about certain colors of cats. I’ve had most and they all have the capacity to be good pets.

My vet has told me that male cats run the risk of spraying but I’ve had male cats and none have done that. I think gender comes most into play if you have 2 or more cats. Females can dislike each other, but our two girls just needed 2 weeks of adjustment and now they’re best buds. If you just get one it probably doesn’t matter much.

Hope this helps, and that you have a new awesome and cuddly cat in your home soon

Re: Cats

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:17 am
by ArrylT
That was very helpful and much appreciated. :)

Atm we are baby-sitting a cat, and mulling over becoming a potential foster home.