General Strategy- roster value

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General Strategy- roster value

Postby Pullo Vision » Sat Oct 30, 2021 3:12 am

I've got a strong SF team with good depth throughout, along with two firsts, one projected mid, the other late. Rebuilding teams have begun offering older but strong producers for my picks and youth. I'm probably one of the strongest teams in starters and depth at both RB and WR. I'm elite at DL and decent at LB and DB. My greatest weakness might be QB- starting Mayfield/Keenum at SF with handcuffs/gambles as depth. Other teams have stronger 3rd QBs, like Carr.

I'm not focusing so much on the individual offers, but the general strategy. In SF, how much of your roster's value do you put into the QB position? How many roster spots do you devote to the position? How much do you focus on your 3rd and 4th QB strength? How do you weigh trading for a QB versus going after strong/elite options at other positions?
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Re: General Strategy- roster value

Postby brianhillrb1 » Fri Dec 03, 2021 12:49 pm

In my experience it's pretty hard to come out of a trade netting a QB. Most teams are rostering 3 starting QBs at all times and going to 2 is playing a dangerous game. That being said you can certainly target rebuilding teams with picks to acquire some. I saw Wentz go for a late 1st earlier this year and that seems to have benefited both teams as the person sending Wentz is starting a rebuild.

Be careful when targetting guys of that ilk though, while Wentz seems to be turning it around to an extent, there are many that simply won't. I'm a Cam owner but I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole. I may or may not have sent an offer for Mike Evans for Darnold after Week 4 when the Panthers were killing it. Thank the lord that got denied. Same with a guy like Daniel Jones, really easy to just burn a first by making a move for a guy like that if he turns out to be without a starting job in a year or two.

We've come back down to earth for rookie QBs across the board after this years draft. 1st round QBs can bust just like any other position can. I feel as if Mahomes, Burrow, Herbert spoiled SF rebuilders the past few years so keep that in mind when banking on filling your QB need with an early first.

All in all, roster 3 startable QBs and try and keep 1-2 developing players/handcuffs in reserve. They provide a necessary floor to be competitive in SF format IMO. When acquiring them, it's important to be okay with running a guy like Carr, Tannehill, or Wentz in your QB2 spot, they put up points just like anyone else. As a Wilson owner I would actually be willing to move him at this point though, so many kick the tires on whoever owns him.

Oh and good luck acquiring any QB in the top 5. Pretty much untouchable in my experience
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