Logan Thomas

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Logan Thomas

Postby teamclyde » Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:46 am

Hi folks,
I'm in a SF/TEP startup draft. My next pick will be in round 12. I'm one of a couple teams that haven't picked up a TE yet, several teams have 2 already. What are your thoughts on Logan Thomas? I like the idea of snagging a TE that gets a lot of targets. The others remaining are Ertz, I. Smith, Gronk, Hooper, Higbee, Troutman, Ebron, Jarwin, Herndon, etc. I also hold the 8th pick in the rookie draft, so I can pick up a TE there if need be.
What are your thoughts? Thanks

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Re: Logan Thomas

Postby sumnerjw » Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:53 pm

Maybe too late to help... but yes, I like Thomas. Seems he's figuring out the TE role, later in his career. I presume that the Football Team will be getting a new QB in the offseason, and a solid TE will be a nice target for a young QB. Rivera is moving them in the right direction. I tend to go a little heavier on TEs in the TE Premium format, but you're probably smart to wait... once you get past the top 3, there is almost no difference between them.

Of your list, I like Irv Smith probably the most. Kyle Rudolph will likely be a cap casualty, opening the door for more targets.

Also the possibility of a post-hype sleeper in Chris Herndon... maybe he'll follow the trend of players becoming good after Gase.

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