Campus to Canton League

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Campus to Canton League

Postby Kcfflguy » Wed May 22, 2019 2:20 pm

Gauging interest for a startup Campus to Canton league. Still in process of developing bylaws and setting up league sites.

You run a college team and a pro team. Your college team players graduate to your pro team.

Fantrax will host college
MFL will host pro

- 2 QB mandatory - 2 flex players - IDP -.5 ppr
- Teams earn recruiting points based on performance as each off season will have an available player auction

- super flex- IDP
- Dynasty

Need minimum of 12 teams would like to get to 20+ and I would add double player copies for pro which would allow some draft each off season

$30-$40 on leaguesafe

Group me will be used for communication

Let me know if interested.

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Combine Attendee
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Re: Campus to Canton League

Postby Kcfflguy » Wed May 22, 2019 2:27 pm

Campus to Canton League

League overview
Will consist of 20 teams
Each Franchise will have a Campus teams (NCAA) and a Canton team (NFL) that they operate
Teams will play a NCAA season and an NFL season with payouts for both
League will be a full dynasty and players are retained on roster until traded or dropped
Campus rules
Structure and schedule
Will be split into 4 conferences
Initial conference setting will be random and will stay for at least 3 years may be shifted at that time
Teams will play 9 regular season games- this may flex depending on NCAA schedule
Player pool
Players must play for a FBS Div 1 school
Link ... ubdivision
Player must be an incoming freshman or higher. 247 sports will be the site I utilize to establish
Roster and starting lineups
50 player roster with no position min or max
No IR as NCAA does not recognize
Starting lineups
2 RWT flex
Winning %
Head to head
Most points
Top 20 poll??
Postseason and bowl games
Conference championship game
1 vs 2 in conference
Final 8
4 conference winners and 4 at large
Seeded each week
Winner national championship
Bowl games
Teams will play bowl games for recruiting budget points
Each team will have a bowl game
Off season recruiting
All available players and incoming freshman
1000 recruiting budget added annually
Additional recruiting budget for
200 national champ
100 for runner up
75 for 3rd
50 for 4th
50 for bowl win or conference championship game win
25 for conference championship
25 for post season award winners
5 for 1st team all American
5 for 1st round draft pick
Recruiting dollars will carry into blind bid money and from season to season
Canton rules
Structure and schedule
2 conferences and 4 divisions
Each conference will have its own player pool
Teams will play each team in division 2x and the 5 other teams in the opposite division for 13 regular season games
Conferences will not change however divisions may be changed after year 3
Roster player pool and starting lineups
Each conference will have a separate player pool
Rosters will be 43 players
Taxi squad will be 7 players
IR will be 5 players - must have NFL IR status not allowed for suspension or out
No position min or max
Offense starters
1 RWT flex
1 WT flex
Defense starters
Winning %
All play record
Head to head
Playoffs will start week 14
4 division winners will advance to playoffs
Each conference will have 2 wild card teams
Conference champions will face each other in championship game
6 non playoff teams will play for picks 1.7 and 2.7 in both conferences
Will have a annual 10 round rookie draft
Draft will consist of non rostered incoming rookies
Each conference will have a separate draft
Payment and payouts
Yearly dues
$800 pool
Held on leaguesafe
MFL cost $130?
Fantrax free as of 2019
$670 so $335 for Canton and Campus
Champ 150
Runner up 90
Most points 60
Highest weekly score 35
Owner requirements
The basis of this league is that all owners play to win within the guidelines of the rules
Starting a player on bye week. The rosters in this league are big enough so starting a player on a bye week should never happen.
Tanking a game is not allowed. Whether for playoff position or better draft position. This may include starting injured players or a clearly non-competitive lineup
Fires sales. There is a difference in a bad trade and trading for the future and trading players for well below market value.
Not responding to trade offers. Either answer the trade on the site or reply to the email your not interested.
Not checking in regularly. During the season you need to be on weekly. During the auction you need to be on daily.
Remember that trash talking is fun but insulting and being a jerk isn't. We all know the line
If an owner is in consistent violation of these rules they may be removed from the league
This is a new format and league everyone’s input is welcome and suggested.
Commissioner duty
The role of the commissioner is to have a fair and balanced league consisting of highly competitive owners.
Interpret and enforce rules
Settle all disputes between owners
Preside over auctions and drafts
Keep league owners informed of any changes that may be forthcoming
Recruit and select replacement owner as needed
Campus- still finalizing as of 5/22 ... 55m2/rules
Canton- still finalizing as of 5/22 ... 70746&O=26
Transaction and trading
Free agency /waivers
Blind bid waivers will run early in week
After blind bid will have first come first served
Trades must be processed on Fantrax or MFL
Trade must be accepted on sites- verbal agreements do not constitute a trade
Trade vetos will only be used for collusion
Startup year rules
Teams have 2000 budget
High bid lasting 12 hours wins
Hosted on Fantrax if allows
Unspend money rolls into blind bid budget for the season and ongoing
Teams have 2000 budget
Sepereate auction for each conference
High bid lasting 12 hours wins
Hosted on mfl
Unspent money rolls into blind bid money

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