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Postby Go Bucks » Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:10 pm

First off just want to say thanks for being one of the few sites with current devy rankings. All 3 of your rankers have updated theirs within past 5 days. Whereas some bigger sites don't even update their dynasty rankings more than once a year. It's a big reason why I find myself visiting your site more than any other recently.

RB and WR tend to be the focus in devy, and your rankings are very similar to how I have them slotted. QB and TE tend to be harder to evaluate, and thus these positions are often bypassed in drafts. Your QB rankings are quite different from mine so wanted to discuss.

Does anybody have a legit 40 time for Deshaun Foster ? 4.89 is the most common time I've seen for him. But that can't be right. Between his iffy speed and slight frame (6'3" and 188) can't see him becoming an NFL QB.

Curious to see Cardale Jones ranked but not J.T. Barrett. While I don't expect Barrett to be an elite pro, feel much better about his chances than Jones. Jones has too much in common with JaMarcus Russell, and not just their size. There were many off-field concerns about Jones which were never made public.

When it comes to prototypical pocket passers, can't argue with Hackenberg. Expected to see Cody Kessler and Connor Cook on the list though. NFL scouts seem high on both. I prefer Kessler and wonder if recent failures of USC QB's is causing people to undervalue him. I will be shocked if Jared Goff is a better pro than either Kessler or Cook.

Boykin came out of nowhere and seems to be one of those who is better suited for college than pros. Just don't think he has an NFL arm. Glad he is staying in school, as another year of tape will help us determine how he projects.

Looking forward to seeing more activity in the Devy Forum during the offseason.

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Re: Quarterbacks

Postby dlf_robl » Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:05 am

Understand the concerns with Deshaun Watson. He really makes that Clemson offense tick but he is very slight and has a hard time staying on the field. I would not invest a pick in him until I see an extended period of health and elite play.

I don't see it with Kessler. Has some desirable traits, yet the overall package falls short. Connor Cook can be maddening as hell but I think he is arguably the best pocket passer prospect in college football right now. Needs to clean up some pocket work; if he does, he has immense upside.

Boykin is another guy I like. I think he fits the mold physically, and is just scratching the surface of his potential. He's my favorite devy QB right now.

The database needs to settle in with some new names, so they may pop up at any minute.

My current Top 5:

1 - Trevone Boykin
2 - Brad Kaaya
3 - Connor Cook
4 - Jared Goff
5 - Jeremy Johnson
5 -

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