Starting up new GoT-themed devy league

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Starting up new GoT-themed devy league

Postby wtfaneers » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:55 pm

I posted this in Help Wanted as well but figured I'd repost here:


I am starting a 14-team devy superflex/IDP league that is Game Of Thrones-themed. We are looking to start drafting next weekend to coincide with the premiere of Season 7. Here is the url:
Mark_in_MI made us a pretty sweet banner/skin. Still plenty of spots available.

Some details about the league:

--Graduated PPR/PPC/PP1D for RB/WR/TE

--QBs have ratings bonus/penalties which creates a little more difference between the top QBs and the rest. QBs also do not get ppc/rushing 1st downs that the other offensive positions get. This should all make it more of a legitimate choice between a 2nd QB and another position to start as your superflex.

--IDPs are 1.5 pt per tackle, 2 for DE/CB, 2.5 for DT. Substantial big-play scoring. Start 1 DT/2 DE/2 LB/1 CB/2 S/2 flex.

--Draft up to 3 devys per year (in keeping with the theme--3 dragon eggs), can keep up to 8 on taxi squad.

--Winner gets the Iron Throne as their team logo, team that finishes with worst record is renamed Reek for the next season.

League fees are $55/team payable on LeagueSafe, $420 to 1st, $100 to 2nd, $50 to 3rd, $10 to highest scoring team each week of regular season. DM if you would like to join the league and I will send you an MFL invite. Will get LeagueSafe set up once we are close to full.

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Re: Starting up new GoT-themed devy league

Postby GridironGuerilla » Mon Jul 10, 2017 12:19 pm

I'm in. Pm'd you.
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Re: Starting up new GoT-themed devy league

Postby Snottbubbles » Tue May 15, 2018 3:05 pm Email if available thanks

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