SF rookie mock..post draft

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Re: SF rookie mock..post draft

Postby Maximus891 » Tue May 14, 2019 2:29 pm

1.01 Murray
1.02 Harry
1.03 Jacobs
1.04 Haskins
1.05 AJ Brown
1.06 Montgomery
1.07 Sanders
1.08 Campbell
1.09 M. Brown
1.10 Hockenson
1.11 Jones
1.12 Deebo

2.01 Metcalf ?!?!?!?!
2.02 Hardman
2.03 Fant
2.04 D Lock
I decided to put my biggest project in my sig I've ever done. Took the team over mid-season traded the crap on the team for picks. (Year 2)

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TE-D. Nijoku,Kittle
DL-M. Ingram, M. Garrett, Clowney
LB-Vander Esch,, Foster, Van Noy
DB-Peppers, J. Adams, King

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