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Postby NCFF » Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:50 am

The NCFF is a little different than your typical fantasy league, but I think the differences make it great.

This is a fantasy league that only uses NFL players. Keep that in mind. But we are designed to look and act like college football. Here is how we do that:
* NFL rookies are Freshmen in our league. After each season, freshmen become sophomores, who become juniors, who become seniors.
* The NCFF allows a player to redshirt - if he goes an entire season without starting, he is granted one extra year of eligibility.
* Once a player's eligibility is used up, he cannot be used in the league anymore. So everyone is in years 1-5 of their NFL career.

* We currently have two ten-team conferences. You play against each team once in weeks 6-14.
* In weeks 1-5, we play non-conference games against teams from the other conference. You can have a sayso in your team's non-conference schedule.

* We currently have a four-team championship tournament (Weeks 15 & 16). The two conference champions plus two at-large teams.
* We have 3 bowl games for the non-tournament qualifiers who have had a winning record.

* There are aspirations of growing to three conferences of 10 teams, but that will not happen in 2014.

* Recruiting is done via an auction. The auction lasts a couple of weeks, starting in mid-August.

* There are two different entry fees for the league. You can be a small program for $20 or a Large program for $50.
* Each conference has its own universe of players. But there is an additional pool of players (The National Pool of Players) from which only the Large Programs can recruit from. As such, the Large teams tend to have a little more depth built on their roster.

In the first season, we used names like "Jerry Rice University". I got some feedback and we are going to use college names going forward.

Here is a copy of the league that does not yet show the transition to college team names.

This will show you the rosters of the teams available (Deacon Jones was just nabbed a couple of days ago - I need to update the page).

As this is a unique league, I expect there to be some questions about it. I would love to answer those questions.

Let me know if you have questions.

Ross A. Norris
NCFF Commissioner


FYI: there is also a "lite" version of this league that is free. You'll see it on the site. The differences are:
* almost all of the minor conference have 8 teams, although some may have 10.
* no national pool of players, so each conference has 1 copy of each eligible player
* There is a 16 team championship tournament, so the regular season is shorter.
* No input on non-conference schedule; commissioner handles that completely.
* No school names. Only nicknames (The Mustangs); although I do allow some personalization (The Mighty Mustangs).

Money teams and free teams never play against each other.

I do allow a coach to have a money team and a free team.

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Postby bigmac9812 » Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:44 pm

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