League needs owner

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League needs owner

Postby Unicorn92 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:28 pm

Hi i am a commissioner in a league on fleaflicker. This league was created in 2011on nfl. After 2016 we were all agree to go on Myfantasyleague. It stayed that way till 2019. With time we lost members we had hard time to replace. After last year many were tired to play fantasy and decided to stop. In the same time i choose to keep alive this league and to put on fleaflicker.
This is a dynasty idp keeper league with a good roster (35 spots + 5 spots in practice squad).
Today to keep this league alive i need to find 7 owners.
If you are interested send me a message i will five you more informations

I play in an idp dynasty keeper league 10 teams with 1 qb start in a ppr league 2 en 2 wr 1te 1 flex. This is a roster of 35 players and a ts of 5 players in mfl and this is a ppr league


QB: D. Jones, B. Mayfield
RB: S.Barkley, M.Breida, T. Cohen D.Johnson, J. Williams, B. Scarborough
WR: B.Cooks, C.Goodwin, K. Allen, T.Lockett, C. Kirk, M. Williams, D. Westbrook, A. Miller
TE: C. Herndon, R. Griffin, I. Thomas
K C.Boswell
DL M. Davenport, F. Clark, S. Hubbard,
LB M. D. Jones, L. Vander Esch, R. Evans, M. Milano, H. Landry, J. Baker
DB: B.Baker, J. Bates, J. Peppers

Practice squad: P. Williams, T. Rapp, C. Ferrell, E. Oliver, B. Cashman

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