Looking for SF Orphan in Themed League

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Looking for SF Orphan in Themed League

Postby tacohead30 » Tue Mar 24, 2020 12:55 pm

I'm a very experienced dynasty owner, but have never taken over an orphan. Instead of joining another startup, I figure I'd finally take on the challenge of an orphan.

Going to be kind of picky about the league I join. I really don't care much at all about the quality of the team, I'm looking for a great league!

Things I'm looking for:
- Superflex
- PPR of some sort
- League theme, major major bonus for graphics work
- $100 or under yearly buy-in
- MyFantasyLeague and Groupme
- Prefer single copy leagues
- Not looking for an auction league
- no K/DST/IDP

I've also never done a devy league, but would definitely be up to trying. I follow college football pretty closely as well as devy rankings and resources to stay ahead with my dynasty teams.

DM me or reply here if you have any orphan teams in a league that sounds like a fit!

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