College Football Fanatics - Dynasty football League (12 tm, super flex, 0.5 ppr, TeamStake, $100 yearly, $200 first yea

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College Football Fanatics - Dynasty football League (12 tm, super flex, 0.5 ppr, TeamStake, $100 yearly, $200 first yea

Postby adog2828 » Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:03 pm

College football themed (team names/logos) league hosted on MFL.

Looking for 1 more highly committed owners to represent their favorite team and build a dynasty !
We unexpectedly had one owner drop out today due to unforeseen circumstances stemming from the current coronavirus pandemic. So we now have one open spot available !

I will be doing custom icons/division banners/league banner (check league site for example).

*Favorite team only is for team name/icon/division placement/in season **** talking. Does not affect who you can or can't draft. This is not a devy league*

League Link:

League Rules: ... sp=sharing

Survey: ... sp=sf_link

12 TEAM SUPERFLEX; NO kickers or defense; 0.5 ppr; Tiered negative points for turnover (see league rules); FAAB

Roster size: 25 active, 5 taxi, 2 IR

Starting lineup: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, FLEX, SUPERFLEX

Startup will be a 3rd Round Reversal Draft; draft week after NFL draft with all players

League Fees: $100 per year, with first two years due before the start up draft ($200 this year, $100 dollars every year after, so each team will be one year ahead on dues). Fees will be collected via TeamStake

Payout Structure:

12 teams x $100 per year = $1200 total pot

MyFantasyLeague Yearly Cost: $69.95

First Place: $600

Second Place: $300

Third Place: $130

Regular Season (Weeks 1-13) Highest Points For: $100.05

So far we have 11 owners for the following schools:

Oklahoma; University of Washington; USC; BYU; LSU; Clemson; Texas; Purdue; Virginia; Georgia; Michigan

All other college football teams in existence are available to be chosen. Schools will be given on a first come, first served basis!

If you are interested, please respond to survey linked above/message me and I will follow up asap

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