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Postby jwb32 » Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:41 am

Team Teamocil in league below. Bell, Keenan, Michael Thomas, Golladay, Ertz, plus all 2020 picks. DM me if interested.
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TEAM 1: 12 team league. 1.0 PPR WR/TE 0.5 PPR RB
Start 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1Flex, 1TE, 1D/ST, 1K.
QBs- Lamar,Rivers
RBs- Cook, Sanders, CEH,,Michel, Murray, Mattison, LPerine
WRs- OBJ, Golladay, MWilliams, Cooks, Reagor, Diontae, Crowder, Duvernay
TEs-Kittle,, Waller, Fant,Doyle,Jace

TEAM 2: 12 team league. 0.1 ppc 0.5 ppr. TE 1 ppr
Start 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1Flex, 1TE,
QBs- Stafford, Darnold, Foles
RBs- Akers, DJ, Duke, Dallas, Kelley, Edwards
WRs- Adams, Boyd, Samuel, Diontae, Harry, Devernay, Harmon, Boykin
TEs- Hock, Jarwin, Olsen, Hollister
2021 1st (5) 2021 2nd (2)

TEAM 3: 12 team league. 0.5 ppr, 0.5/fd
Start 1QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 2Flex, 1TE,
QBs- Wentz, ,Stafford, Rivers,Fitz,Tyrod
RBs- Cook, Singletary, DamienW, Coleman, Penny, Murray, Snell
WRs- Thomes, Evans, Allen, Boyd,Gallup,Samuel,Preston,Crowder
TEs- Waller,,Jonnu,Herndon,Moreau
2020 - 1.08, 3.05

Combine Attendee
Combine Attendee
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Re: Looking for replacement owner, 12 team, fees paid.

Postby Widow » Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:47 am

I am interested.

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