looking for 1 more ( 2019 is free entry, 2020 $ entry is required)

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looking for 1 more ( 2019 is free entry, 2020 $ entry is required)

Postby SACK99 » Sun Aug 25, 2019 5:46 pm

We have been around since 2015 and like so many free leagues it became a struggle to keep consistent quality owners for a handful of the 32 teams each year so we decided to become a pay league to resolve the issue.

The 2019 season is free to enter and it includes $500 in prize money going to both the AFC and the NFC Champions.

Beginning with the 2020 season the league will require a entry payment of $89 each year and the league will have a full assortment of prize money going out to the wildcard teams, division winners, conference champions and the Super Bowl Champion each year.

Some basic info about the league settings are:

32 teams, 46 man active roster with the use of a fully functioning 53 man roster + we have a 10 man practice squad roster, player salaries & contracts, draft each off-season (7 rounds for rookies), exclusive rights & restrictive player contracts along with contract extensions, franchise tags, daily lineups, H2H scoring category's across the complete offense, defense, kicking & punting aspect of the game.

This is the closest thing to the real deal as you will find so bring your A game.

Send me a message or e-mail if you feel up to the challenge and are interested.




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