3 spots left! - Free Dynasty Startup With College "Minor League"

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3 spots left! - Free Dynasty Startup With College "Minor League"

Postby pmo19 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 5:15 pm

Looking to fill 3 more spots in a dynasty league with smaller, parallel college football league. The college draft will be Thu Aug 22, 8:00 PM EDT and the NFL draft will be Sat Aug 24, 8:00 PM EDT (these can be adjusted).

- Both leagues hosted on Fantrax (must join both leagues)
- PPR scoring. No defense or special teams
- 10 or 12 teams
- NFL rosters will be 25 players deep: QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 FLX-2 TE-1 BN-17
- College rosters will be 14 players deep: QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 BN-8
- All FBS players eligible
- Each offseason, keep 20 players from NFL roster
- Can promote up to 2 players from college roster to NFL (if those players are now in the NFL)
- 5-round rookie draft will follow. Teams will have 3-5 picks based on number of college promotions
- Keep up to 2 college players that are still in college
- College draft to fill out rosters

For signup links or more information, email me at piemontechris@gmail.com

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