12 team/$200 buy-in/Auction/.5 PPR/First Years NEED 1 MORE!

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12 team/$200 buy-in/Auction/.5 PPR/First Years NEED 1 MORE!

Postby Lebow$ki » Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:58 am

12-team Dynasty League (.5ppr)1 QB/2RB/3 WR/1 TE/1 Flex (RBWRTE)/2 IDPFlex (10 total players)

Buy-In: $200

Auction Draft ($200 budget):Initial draft will be online. Hopefully we can do one in person next year. Your buy-in is essentially your budget.

Salaries/Contracts:All players will be on minimum 1 year contracts, to be determined at acquisition or draft. Salaries are based on the amount of the winning bid at auction. All undrafted free-agents will be $4, and must be on a minimum 1-year deal. If a player is dropped before their contract is up, 25% of their salary counts against their cap, dropping 5% for every year.Teams can go over the cap in the off-season, but must cut down to $200 by midnight of the Sunday immediately preceding the first NFL game of the season.Transactions: $5 for all free-agent adds/waiver pick-ups/tradesIn Season Free-Agents: $4 each. Free-Agent Signing Period:There will be a free agent signing period beginning June 1 for non-rookies, and ending June 30. Teams will be given a $100 to bid on players in free agent pool. The winning bid determines player salary.Rookie Draft:Last Saturday in July (tent.)Straight draft, in opposite order of previous season's finish.In all subsequent years, there will be a rookie draft with salary slated for each pick according to draft position. All others: $4 Standings/Playoffs:No divisions. Everyone plays everyone else at least once. Top 6 teams get in. Tie-breakers:Overall win .pct>H2H>All-play win .pct (what your record would have been each week had you played everyone else)>Potential Points (your best lineup each week vs. everyone else's best lineup) 6 teams in winner's bracket, 6 teams in loser's bracket (toilet bowl). Top two teams in each bracket get a bye first week of playoffs, teams re-seeded after every round.

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Re: 12 team/$200 buy-in/Auction/.5 PPR/First Years NEED 1 MORE!

Postby CatfishMan » Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:50 am

Messaged you. Interested. Would like some more details on how the contracts work.

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