Extremely Active Owner Looking to Join 12 Team PPR, SuperFlex, TE Premium, IDP Dynasty

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Extremely Active Owner Looking to Join 12 Team PPR, SuperFlex, TE Premium, IDP Dynasty

Postby JCDallas » Sat Jul 27, 2019 9:16 am

Hello everyone, I was looking to join a 12 team PPR, SuperFlex TE Premium, IDP startup dynasty league this season. I’d like it to be a relatively basic IDP setup if possible.. I’m new to the IDP scene.

I haven’t played in a SuperFlex dynasty since 2014, but I was the league champion that season.. and since then I’ve just done redraft SuperFlex leagues.. so I do have experience In SuperFlex leagues, but it’s been awhile since I’ve been in a SuperFlex dynasty. I’m currently in 3 dynasty leagues and they’re all a traditional setup with the exception being my 32 team .5 PPR League being a bit deeper than the others.

Also, The lower the buy in, the better.. was looking to join a league under $100 if possible. And my preferred site is MFL, ideally.

I’m likely going to attempt to be one of the most active owners in the league year round, and I plan on being here for the long haul as well.

If you have any openings, please feel free to either send me a PM or email me, ColonnaJ94@gmail.com, with the info. Thank you!
Team 1: 12 Team PPR
QB Wilson, Winston
RB Conner, Ingram, T Coleman, R Freeman, L Murray, McCoy, Snell, Darrell Williams
WR Diggs, M Williams, Ridley, Watkins, Moncrief, G Tate, D Jackson, Goodwin, Doctson, D Robinson
TE Ebron, Hooper, Walker, Waller
2020 2nd, 3rd, 4th
2021 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Team 2: 12 Team PPR
QB: Luck, Cousins, Mariota, Foles
RB: Fournette, Mack, D Freeman, Henry, Howard, Lewis, McKinnon, Hyde, I Smith, R Armstead, Burkhead
WR: M Thomas, Smith-Schuster, Lockett, Jeffery, M Jones, Shepard, Fitzgerald
TE: Howard, Henry

Team 3: 32 team .5 PPR, 2x Player Copies, Depth is Like a 16 Team League
QB Brees, Winston
RB Chubb, Cook, Henry, Mack, Damien Williams, C Hyde, D Hilliard
WR M Thomas, Cooks, Boyd, Edelman, Samuel, Jeffery, Moncrief, D Robinson
TE Kelce, McDonald, Sample
2020 4th
2021 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

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