Search dynasty owner for a 10temas league

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Search dynasty owner for a 10temas league

Postby Unicorn92 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:27 pm


We need an owner in a 10 teams league with a roster a 35 players with a practice squad of 5 players.

This is a 1 qb starter league and an idp league too.

Here's come the team roster: ... =07&F=0005

If you interested you can contact me

I play in an idp dynasty keeper league 10 teams with 1 qb start in a ppr league 2 en 2 wr 1te 1 flex. This is a roster of 35 players and a ts of 5 players in mfl and this is a ppr league


QB: D. Carr, G. Minshew, B. Mayfield
RB: S.Barkley, M.Breida, T. Cohen D.Johnson, C. Edmonds, W. Gallman, J. Williams
WR: B.Cooks, C.Goodwin, K. Allen, T.Lockett, C. Kirk, M. Williams, D. Westbrook, C. Conley, J. Reynolds
TE: J. SMITH, C. Herndon
K M. Grosby
DL M. Davenport, F. Clark, S. Hubbard, Y. Ngakoue, R. Quinn
LB M. D. Jones, L. Vander Esch, R. Evans, M. Milano, KJ Wright
DB: B.Baker, J. Bates, J. Peppers

Practice squad: P. Williams, I. Thomas, C. Ferrel, H. Landry, T. Rapp

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