New DLF Tool - The NFL News Source!

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New DLF Tool - The NFL News Source!

Postby dlf_kenm » Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:38 am

For those of you who like to dig deeper and do your own research, you might find this interesting.

At DLF we spend an enormous amount of time researching, staying on top of the latest news, and assimilating information from a wide variety of sources. Finding actionable information from around the web has always been a fundamental part of our process.

With so many resources available these days, it's been overwhelming for us to sift through the enormous volume of data. So we created a tool to help us help you. Something that enables us to quickly scan through an ocean of data, and narrow down on the specific topics we are searching for. And in the course of making this tool for ourselves, we realized this would be an amazing tool for everyone else to use as well. So we are making this resource available to everyone.

The NFL News Source is an NFL and Fantasy Football search tool which aggregates news, articles and information from over 100 quality sites. But more than just flooding you with information, the NFL News Source allows you to filter down on the type of news or info you are looking for. You can search by team or by player, filter by news source, or by type of news source.

We set out to create something that will make our lives easier. And we're certain this will help make yours easier as well. This will be the only portal you'll ever need for finding the news and analysis to stay ahead of, and more deeply informed than, the rest of your league.

You'll find a link to this new tool under the Resources tab on the DLF website.

Or simply click here to go right to the NFL News Source.

And as always, thank you for your continued support. Paid memberships helped us fund the building of this tool as well as so many other things we do here at DLF.

We also always welcome your feedback on this and any other resources we create and manage. This is just v1.0 of this tool and we have some exciting enhancements planned, but we always welcome and appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

Thank you.

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