How long has your league been around?

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Re: How long has your league been around?

Postby cazzie33 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:15 pm

I dare say we probably have the record here. Started 1886... jk, 1986 :lol:

Ten team with only two completely new owners. A couple retired but family members within in the league took over the orphans.

Trash talk a plenty as we just about all grew up together. bleep goes back to playground battles and personal foibles (divorce,drinking & drug escapades are all fair game)

Unbelievably one owner has never won. Of course you know we never bring it up :liar:

I've switched teams twice to take over bottom feeders whose owners were no longer competitive and lost interest. That's the most fun, building a team. And I don't shoot for just being a contender. I want a DYNASTY... After all that is what they call it :doh:

Ours is a standard so it is stud RB's first, WR's next then QB. No waivers pickups, strictly hold'em poker style. Draft is king. Trading deadline is week ten start. Keeps the questionable deals to a minimum since almost everyone has still got a chance. Only have to drop enough players to fit however many draft picks you plan on taking.

One year I opted out of the draft only wanting to take Mr Irrelevant as I told them no one was worthy of being on my defending champs. Even wrote down my pick ahead of time (something I normally do just to see if I can predict who will be available & call my shot, got it right again this year @ #6 with McCaffrey who I immediately traded for a guys next year 1st. Then I predicted it would be Saquon. We do a lotto but he,has 2nd worst record so I may be right) But I digress, the year in question was the year Rocket Ismail signed in Canada so I figured my team was stacked so I could wait a few years. Caused a big brouhaha which was my whole goal in the first place. Man were some of them pissed. :evil: Turned out to be a nothing move but still bitched about today.

As to the point of longevity most times great WR's get moved about the same time a great RB starts to wear down. Owners get bored of the same old guys. But at least the WR's seem to carry greater value longer. Every league I've ever been in the new shiny toy rookies at draft time are worth the older veterans who might still have at least 2-3 or more good years in 'em . Dez next draft will probably only bring the late first early second rd return . Someone will get the next Josh Doctson and think they got a steal. Fitzgerald has been traded 3 times in a similar scenario . Only once did the pick pan out to be more productive than Larry is today. Go figure.

Owners seem to never want to give up stud RB's until the decline has already started. I will, traded Latavius and Ajayi last year due to concerns that the organization wasn't 100% behind them for the first rd pick that ended up being McCaffrey then hopefully Saquon (or Guice). The trade partner cackled last year about the "STEAL" he perpetrated . We will see who laughs last, although Ajayi may win out in Philly. I get some credit for calling it right that both backs would be gone from Oak & Miami . That's a rarity to see what appears to be the workhorse back traded before he hits 30ish. I could lose out in the lotto and pick 6th (lowest you can go) again, like last year. Probably get a Chubby if I land there. Or trade out again til 2019 :wall:

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Re: How long has your league been around?

Postby bigchiefbc » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:31 pm

My main league is IRL friends and it started in 2006 as a 10-team superflex 8-keeper league. We changed to full dynasty in 2012 and then added devy in 2013. We've only had two teams change hands from the original 10, with me being one of the newcomers in 2012. My other two leagues are in their 3rd and 2nd years, respectively.

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Re: How long has your league been around?

Postby Raymond1974 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:53 pm


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Re: How long has your league been around?

Postby joeday » Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:30 pm

The Bombers league has been around since 1996. The Mastodons since 2001 (as a keeper league). I’m in 15 other leagues and they vary from 2010 to start ups this past summer.
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12 Team | 10 Keeper | NON PPR | 18th Season
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WR – Antonio Brown | DeAndre Hopkins | Odell Beckham Jr.
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