M.Gordon vs. C.Hyde 2017 vs. 2016

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M.Gordon vs. C.Hyde 2017 vs. 2016

Postby Sisyphus » Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:22 am

I searched through previous threads and found one comparing Gordon and Hyde in the spring of 2016. I'm curious to see how people view the two of them now, and what we might learn from this. Here's the previous thread.
viewtopic.php?f=94&t=117476&p=1017645&h ... e#p1005172

The way I see it, the narrative has flipped (the previous thread had 10 of 11 people taking Hyde of Gordon) but now that Big Joe Williams is in town, it seems to have scared everyone away. I don't think taking a guy in the 4th round makes him "Shanahan's guy," but that seems to be the prevailing thought. He also has the injury prone tag applied to him. He played 14 games his rookie year, 13 last year, and 7 his 2nd year. Outside of his 2nd year, those other 2 are pretty standard for the RB position. Besides Joe W. in the shadows and Gordon being on a better team overall...is there anything else that significantly separates them? I'd love to have tons of people weight in.

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