Keep TY at 25% of cap?

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Keep TY at 25% of cap?

Postby jad233 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:50 pm

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Should I keep TY at 25% of the cap hit? Cap is 40 million, TY will be about 10M. Notable FA are Brown, Freeman, likely Bell and OBJ as well. Also, I was planning on tagging Ingram at a 6.4M salary. Just for perspective, Bell, Brown, and OBJ were some of the most expensive contracts last year with salaries around 14M.

If I don't keep either of them, I will have over 20M in cap space going into FA, otherwise around 3M if I keep both.

I should be a solid contender next year with a roster of:
Keenan Allen

And then Fuller/Marvin Jones/Gio/Enunwa on the bench.
Thoughts for either?
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Re: Keep TY at 25% of cap?

Postby millworkguy » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:58 pm

Hard to give you a clear answer without knowing more about who else is going to be a free agen, and what the other teams cap space is going to look like. My gut says no, let him walk BUT what other top teir wr's would be available and IF you have 50% cap space, is that high/low/average for the rest of the teams. Can you outspend everyone to get the top FA target? Too many variables but i'd still lean towards letting him walk,
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