Salary Adjustments

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Salary Adjustments

Postby Gridiron » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:32 pm

I play in a first year salary cap league where your available salary cap space is also your FAAB. Players that are won for $1 can be dropped without penalty. Players on multi year contracts are dropped at 100% for the current year and 50% for each remaining year. The owner has the option at the time of the drop to pay 100% of the current year salary or accelerate the entire contract and clear it off their books but also reducing their FAAB.

All salary cap penalties are captured in the Salary Adjustments for that year. There is nothing written in the league bylaws that indicates when the salary adjustments are removed.

My question is when does your league clear the salary adjustments incurred for the for the previous season. It would seem logical that they would be removed at the start of the new league year.

Thanks for any insight you may have.

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Re: Salary Adjustments

Postby moishetreats » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:24 am

Yes, the start of the new league year. - SF/2QB website

Tm 1: 10 tms 27 plrs PPR
Start: 2QB 2RB 3WR 2TE 2Flex

QB: Rodgers, Wilson, Wentz, Taylor
RB: Gurley, Gordon, Mixon, Foreman
WR: Hill, Cooper, Hilton, Baldwin, Edelman, Anderson, Callaway, D Thomas, Da Moore, St Brown
TE: Kelce, Howard, Herndon, Goedert, Seals-Jones, Hurst

2019: 4.04, 4.08, 5.04
2020: 3rd, 4th, 5thx2
2021: 2nd, 3rd, 5thx3

Tm 2: 12 tms 22 plyrs {IR} [Taxi]. Salary Cap $300 PPR
Start: 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1SF 1Flex/ best ball

QB: Luck ($34 through 2021), Winston (2/19), Garappolo (5/20)
RB: Conner (4/19), A Jones (10/19), Foreman (9/20), Freeman (1/19), McCoy (2/20), Lynch (1/19)
WR: Cooks, (1/19), R Anderson (3/21), St. Brown (1/22), Valdez-Scantling (1/22), Foster (1/1)
TE: Gronk (2/20), Herndon (1/22), Walker (1/19)
Total+dead cap hits ~$114

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