CBS for dynasty purposes

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CBS for dynasty purposes

Postby AtlasShrugged » Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:17 am

Hey guys, just wondering what your thoughts are on CBS for dynasty purposes. I know the pricing is an absolute rape, however I am looking ease here. I have been working on a MFL site all of the summer, however I am having misgivings about it. Knowing my fellow owners like I do, they will not like the mess that MFL is. For your guide, we have been using ESPN for various leagues over the years and they like the simplicity of the interface. Just wondering what your experiences have been. Cheers.

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Re: CBS for dynasty purposes

Postby oaks2017 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:08 am

Good Morning, I had a similar issue going from ESPN to MFL. I highly recommend biting the bullet and switching to MFL. Your owners will get over it. Mine bitched for half a season and once they got used to the site, they loved it. Plus the App is bullet proof now. When we started on there in 2014, the App sucked but now if works very well. It is no-frills as far as ergonomics but you can do everything off the site on there. I've downloaded and used the free Apps for MFL to test them out for my owners, but I personally like MFL Platinum but it costs $5 or so.

There is no doubt that for any sort of league other than your basic redraft type league, MFL is by far the most flexible system. You can pretty much customize everything. I don't play salary cap on there, we use RSO, but I'm sure its good.

We used to us CBS up till about 2010 for a redraft league and finally moved to ESPN once they got their site figured out. I don't personally know how CBS is now but then like you said it's a rape for price. I'm assuming you have not gotten any responses to this thread yet because nobody uses CBS anymore.
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