applying salaries for IDP

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applying salaries for IDP

Postby ThunderTung » Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:43 pm

I'm the commissioner of a 12 man dynasty league, 42 man full IDP rosters. Its our first year so we're still figuring some things out. One of the biggest troubles we've had is implanting a salary cap. Offense is easy, there are a lot of ways we can go about that. However IDP's is when it gets tricky. I cant figure out a way to value IDP players to make the stars at least hovering that of offensive players. Every stat/auction price I find is based on leagues that have a few IDP's so guys like JJ watt are valued at $8 but guys like Bell are valued at $30 I want to keep a defensive and offensive balance so everyone isn't just investing everything into offense. Was wondering if you guys had any thoughts are advice on how to go about this.
12 man IDP dynasty
QB(1): Mayfield
RB(2): Howard/Gordon
WR(2): T.Y./ Callaway
TE(1): Gronk
FLEX(2): Kareem Hunt/Kirk
K: Jake Elliot
DL(2): Yannick/Chandler Jones
LB(2):Nick Vigil/TJ Watt
DB(2)Slay/Jalen Mills
FLEX: Whitehead

QB: Bortles
RB: Foreman/Blount/Grant
WR: Jeffery/Ross/Pettis
TE: Hollister/Goedert
DL: Wise/Payne
LB: Bostic/Chubb/Bentley
DB: Gilmore/Bouye/Mathieu

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