Contract Years Up - What now?

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Contract Years Up - What now?

Postby HailState89 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:34 am

What is everyones rule around when a players contract is up. How does that player get a new team? We are trying to think of a way for the original team to be able to sign him at "Fair value" without going through the Free Agent draft. Anyone got any suggestions?
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Re: Contract Years Up - What now?

Postby dlf_jaronf » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:56 am

I'm in two contract leagues. In both, we can franchise tag a player on an expiring contract (at the average cost of the 5 highest paid players at the position), or transition tag (owner has rights to the player at the same price or $1 higher of the winning bid at the free agent draft).

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Re: Contract Years Up - What now?

Postby millworkguy » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:22 pm

My contract cap leagues do something similar. 1 has a franchise tag that cost faab to use, and therefore you get faab and draft pick compensation. Another league does not use a franchise tag, both allow owners to match the high bid (through auction) on a player. In my salary cap leagues, you can have a franchise player (at avr top 5 salary) and all free agent (vet players) go through auction. Both styles have rookie only drafts.
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Re: Contract Years Up - What now?

Postby pokerplayer1000 » Sun Mar 25, 2018 12:06 am

I run one contract league and there are two options we have. You can franchise tag a players at a 25% increase in salary for one year which can only be used once per player, and one tag per team per off-season. We also have a one year extension which is also at an increase of 25% and technically could be applied forever to a player.
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Re: Contract Years Up - What now?

Postby Eagles4life » Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:47 am

I will echo the above comments... my league's use Franchise and Transition Tags. I also allow owners to extend players on a 1 year contract on or before August 15th each year.

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Re: Contract Years Up - What now?

Postby junk_monkey » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:32 am

In our league you have the option to extend when the player has 1 year left on their contract (extension must be in place by the end of July). Anyone who reaches 1 August without an extension will become a free agent at the end of the season. Extension costs are based on a) the best performing year the player had in the last 3 and b) the average contract value of players in their appropriate tier + a percentage increase. So for example, a WR who was top 5 at least once in the last 3 years would have an extension cost of the average of the top 5 paid WRs + 15%. A WR who's best season was 11th top scorer would cost the average of the 11-20th highest WR salaries +7%.

Any player picked up in free agency on or after 1 August (including in-season) can only receive a 1 year contract, and so can't be extended. However, they are eligible for a waiver tag, which allows the team that picked them up to give them a second year at a cost in line with extension. Once tagged, they can be extended for the extension costs of a player in the next tier up. If they are already in tier 1 then the cost of the extension will be tier 1+10%.

Sounds complicated but we have a spreadsheet setup that calculates the costs automatically.
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Re: Contract Years Up - What now?

Postby Silvus Main » Mon May 28, 2018 1:41 pm

In my league we have three (or four if you count cutting outright an option) options for a player coming of an expiring contract.

Franchise - taking the previous years average of top five players at the position. Franchise is for one year.

QRFA (Qualified Restricted Agent) - if a player is qrfa then there are two scenarios in bidding. If no one bids on your qrfa tagged player then the player goes back to the original owner at salary plus half. If player x is at $30 let’s say at qrfa and no one bids - then player goes back to original owner at $45 and can sign them to whatever contract they please (max 4 years in our league). If someone bids and eventually wins the bid (with original owner having the right to match the final bid), then the new and winning owner has to pay the original owner of the player HALF of the winning bid. For example, if a player in qrfa goes up to $50 in bidding and the original owner declines to match, then the winning new GM owner of player x has to pay $25 (half) of the winning bid back to the original owner. Then, they sign player x to whatever contract they want (max 4 years) to for $50 on their roster with a net loss of $75 for their current cap for the year.

RFA (Restricted Free Agent) - this tag has less moving parts... If a player is coming off last season with a new salary of $28 (or whatever it is, just an example) then this tag means it’s more of a free for all in bidding for other GMs with the original owner having the rights to match any last offer or bid. For example, player y is starting at $28 in RFA bidding and the bids go up to $34 with one last GM bidding. The original owner can match or let the player go to the other GM. The bidding GM has one more chance to raise the price with original GM having the final right to match the offer and keep player Y or let him go to the other highest bidding GM. In RFA if no GMs bid, original owner can keep or cut at that point as well.

We hold a rookie draft, then QRFA and RFA tagged players on one sitting. Then we do the FA auction draft another day for players not owned and straight nominations with auction.

Great league setup and fun with the strategy involved to try and keep players you want or make others pay you some scratch for guys you don’t really want to keep yet have value.

Takes new guys a year at least to learn the nuances but once they do they love this setup and crave for the drafts year in and year out.

PM me with any fine tuned questions as I’m happy to answer any of them.

Hope this helps as just a different perspective to what our league does!


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Re: Contract Years Up - What now?

Postby Jason3123 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:59 pm

Here's what we do to inflate market value:

Initial contract: When the player's contract expires, he gets a $5 raise, or 120% raise, whichever is higher. EXAMPLE: Todd Gurley $20, can be resigned for x amount of years at $25/year. The $5 works up until $22, in which case the raise is $6. And so forth.

Franchise Tag: 120% of current contract, or the average of the top 5 highest paid at the position, whichever is higher. This one is costly because after auctions there can be some pricey contracts. Typically the average of the 5 highest paid wins out by quite a bit so far.

Performance raises: To eliminate the chance of guys getting to keep cheap players at $6 forever, we instituted performance raises. If a player ranks high enough in fantasy points at his respected position, and his salary is less than half of the average of those same players, then the player's salary is automatically adjusted to 75% of the average. EXAMPLE: Keenan Allen makes $1. He ranks within the top 15 WR's at the end of the season. The average salary of those 15 players is $20. Any player making less than $10 (half) has their salary automatically adjusted to $16. If that player also happens to be a free agent, it now costs $21 ($5 or 120%), to extend him.

The performance raises has helped tremendously on some cheap player deals. As well as some other rules that got implemented.

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Re: Contract Years Up - What now?

Postby proffitt9 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 4:30 am

HailState89 wrote:
Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:34 am
What is everyones rule around when a players contract is up. How does that player get a new team? We are trying to think of a way for the original team to be able to sign him at "Fair value" without going through the Free Agent draft. Anyone got any suggestions?
So I have been running a salary cap contract league for 5 years now. There is a number of ways we can resign players.

We allow each team 1x Franchise Tag, 1x Transition Tag and 1x extension.

The Tags are 1 year deals. Franchise tag is the average salary of the top 10 at each position or 120% raise whichever is greater. Transition Tag is the average salary of top 20 at each position of 120% raise.

Then extension works depending on how many years you want to resign:
1yr ext = 20% raise
2yr ext = 40%
3yr ext = 60%
4yr ext = 80%

There are little caveats too but lmk if your interested I can send you the by laws for the details
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